27 December 2007

Goodbye Rosie
It is with sad news we say goodbye to a very much loved little girl. Rosie who shared her life with Angela and Stuart Yearley died today of heart failure aged 13. Everybody will be very upset to hear of your loss, lots of love and thinking about you both, from everyone on the blog.


Marie said...

Aww, sad news.
I feel your pain, as I'm sure does everyone on here.

Play nice at rainbow bridge Rosie, and say hi to shawn and kelly for me.

matthew at seaofiron!!!!!!!!!! said...

so sorry stuart and angie.
like marie said she'll play nice at rainbow bridge and hopefully she'll make friends with my 'skye blue' and pass on my love and let her know i miss her loads!!

Tina W said...

Stuart and Angie-sorry to hear that Rosie has died,she had many good years with you and was a happy girl,you gave her a good life and no doubt died happy.

maureen said...

Sorry to hear about Rosie, she was a good age, and had a great life with you, she loved the motorhome holidays.

Tricia said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Rosie. As Marie said, we all feel you pain. Say "hello" to Hannah, Chloe & Annabel for me, Rosie, I'm sure they will wecome you home.