30 December 2007

The last letter for 2007 from the USA

The bedlington world is still pretty quiet here. Come February and March when the dogs shows really get rolling there should be lots of bedlington news to report. Now you're stuck with my household bedlington news. I have had Amelia for 4 weeks today and she is doing great. She comes when called & sits front!! She does that all on her own. She is walking on a leash, knows the commands sit, down, wait & is getting very good a the potty stuff. For the end of December the weather here is amazing.....warm and sunny, so the dogs and I are getting to spend a lot of time outside and I am able to still do a little gardening. I was so happy to hear about Lucy being rescued because I had heard about her on another site and alerted Lesley. The person that had first posted on her at Roden was so happy to hear about her finding a home and hopefully we will have a new blogger as I sent her to this site to see Lucy's story. I hope everyone is planning a fun New Years celebration and 2008 is a spectacular year for all my world wide bedlington friends. I will remain on the island as they are closing our road for 3 months to replace some bridges...the closure begins January 2nd. Talk about being isolated and cut off......I love it though, it is the reason I came here. Happy Happy New Year to everyone. I am signing off here, my last report for 2007. See you all in 2008!!
Tricia, Greyson, Rose & Willo & Amelia (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank You Tricia, gosh does that mean the only way off of the island for 3 months is by boat? How far are you from the mainland? It is fantastic as we have two islanders writing for the blog Oracoke and Skye! Two very beautiful islands but I would think very different!


Tricia said...

Les the only way off the island is always only by boat, there is no bridge attaching us to the mainland(30 miles away). So the only way off will be the long way a 3 hour ferry. The bridges they are replacing are small bridges (7 of them) that go over canals, but they are on the way to the short ferry (40 minutes) that goes to the next island. I thnk if is going to be a very quiet winter. I'm off to do my last big food shopping tomorrow.

Tina W said...

Happy New Year to you Tricia,I hope that you get all the shopping you need ,can't imagine a 3 hour nip to the shops for one item!!

Marie said...

Its great to hear how amelia is doing Trish.I'm sure she will grow into a wee cracker under your care, and with the help of your girls of course :-)
Have you not sorted out how to post some pics yet though?