20 December 2007

Mutterings from Mark in the North East

Not a bad week weather wise in the North East, good frosts, meaning plenty of scent in the air for the dogs! No dog shows this weekend, so no doubt I will have to do some Christmas shopping, cant wait! A good day was had at Sunderland show at the weekend, with plenty of good banter, who would believe that both Steve & me would be bidding against each other on e-bay for the same clippers? If we are to keep our classes at the North East canine societies for Bedlingtons, you must put your entries in. It does appear however that we are spoilt for choice with shows scheduled on average every 2 weeks, makes for hard work at times, sometimes I think I will give it a miss & have a sleep in. The bedlington terrier get together night out proved to be a very enjoyable night, with wine in abundance & food which was actually very palatable. We also enjoyed a good laugh at our local ring craft group Christmas party, I could not believe that it was possible to win as many prizes in one evening! The pie & peas, cream trifle, chocolates, crisps & champagne were enjoyed immensely. On a personal note many thanks to everyone for the congratulations that Jan & I have received for 'M', via cards, e-mail & verbal, it is very much appreciated & shows that the bedlington fraternity on a whole are a good bunch. May Jan & I take this final opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas & a prosperous 2008 (if we forgot your Christmas card, our apologies, it all seemed to creep up on us!) .
Mark & Jan
Thanks Mark you have certainly had some fun Christmas doggie parties. I wish I lived nearby to join in all the fun !


maureen said...

mark who had the winning bid on the clippers.

Steve said...

none of us I missed it and Mark was to tight

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

They didnt sell Maureen as the reserve was to high. They were laube micros, apparently only 1 month old (well we would all say that wouldnt we), I already have a pair, but thought if I could get them cheap? I stopped bidding at £85, they were unsold at over £100. They are £180 NEW. Dont even know why I was bidding on them as I already have a set of AGC for a back up.
Steves got a case of wine that he says he is going to share with everyone, cant wait!!

Tina W said...