31 December 2007

Our Christmas report from Victoria

Jack had a lovely Christmas. He got a new blanket, 3 squeaky toys (one is already destroyed!)and a tiger rope pull (also destroyed). He had loads of fun visiting friends and family over Christmas and we have had some nice Christmas walks with jack. I haven't had much time to practice but I will make an extra effort today as he has a show next Sunday(6th January). Today me and my Dad are going to give jack a trim , I'm sure Jack is not looking forward to it. He only has to see the clippers and he runs to the sofa and pretends to be asleep, but once we have started he stands really well for us. Fingers crossed the clipping will go well. We wish you all a happy New Year lots of love Victoria and Jack Bojangles.

I hope the clipping went well Victoria, it certainly helps when they stand still on the table. I think your Dad is going to be a very good dog groomer, maybe he should change his career and open up a dog grooming shop! Jack would like that with new playmates every day. I expect you are excited about next weekend. Being your very first show, try not to be too nervous, just go in the ring have fun and enjoy your day. I wish I could be there to cheer you on!


Tina W said...

Hope the trimming went well-Best of luck for next Sunday-as Lesley says enjoy your time in the ring!

Sue & Liza said...

Sounds like Jack had a fantastic Christmas! How did the trimming go? He's very good standing still - Millie isn't too good with us even when we're just brushing her, although apparently she behaves very well for Dawn when we take her to be trimmed!
Good luck next weekend, and remember to enjoy yourself, not be nervous!

maureen said...

Dont forget to take photos of your first show, i know you will be fine,so good luck to you both,