17 December 2007

Piper and Whisper

Hello I am the Julie that was mentioned by Mark Walshaw, I would love to become part of the blog but don't know how to set the blog up with photos and info. Just to let you know pups Whisper and Piper are doing great Whisper is 21 weeks and is one of Viv Rainsbury's puppies and Piper is 14 weeks from Sue Holmes ,they have the same Dad but different Mums.
Sorry to bother you but could you give me some info how to set up and would love to show them both off to the world thanks Julie.
Hello Julie and welcome to our blog bedlington family, these two look like a couple of mischief makers! I expect they are loads of fun, there is nothing better than watching pups chasing each other and playing rough and tumble games. All the photos for the blog come through email to me, so no excuse not to see these two grow up here on the blog.


MW said...

Hi Julie.
Will bring your show leads to training class on Tuesday night.

Sue & Liza said...

Hi Julie

What gorgeous looking pups! Look forward to seeing more pics of them on the blog and hearing all about their antics!

maureen said...

julie i am not the best at the computer, there are much better than me, but i will help you, if there is nobody else. 01495 711191

Marie said...

Lovely pups!
I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of them as they grow.

Tina W said...

They're a couple of cuties!!

matthew at seaofiron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

well groomed too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!