19 December 2007

Today's Midweek News
I have just heard from Pat that two Bedllington brothers have been re-homed together from the Chestfield NCDL. It is great o hear that these two boys will have a happy Christmas. Do e-mail me If you can enlighten us about this re-homing. If you are sending me photos during the holiday please can you state if you wanted them entered into the Christmas photographic competition. Lesley Butler's hospital date has been brought forward to Dec 27th. Lesley will be in for 5 days and we all wish her a very Happy Christmas and a comfortable stay while in hospital. Hopefully she can celebrate New Year with a glass of bubbly on the ward! That's all from me for now.


maureen said...

Ibet they get her out for New Year.

Tina W said...

doubt it.