22 December 2007


Well, up here we are busy getting organised for Christmas....only three more sleeps to go!
The weather has been fantastic in Skye all week, cold but with clear blue skies and sunshine. Looking outside you'd have been forgiven for thinking it was July instead of December. Cody has taken full advantage of being able to get out without getting his feet wet.
This morning though it seems we are back to wet and windy weather, but tomorrow Cody and I are off 'home' to Lanarkshire to spend Christmas with my family. I'm loving the photo competition, such clever scenes...so well done to everyone who has entered.
Before I go, can I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Christmas, and I hope Santa is good to you (especially to the bedlies!).
Marie (and Cody)

PS this is from Cody...Jingle bells (skye remix)
Jingle bells, the cows all smell
the sheep are whiffy too
Cody's going to have a bath
so he smells better than ewe.

Then for Christmas dinner
there's only grass for ewe
but cody's mum is spoilt for choice
lamb bhoona or lamb stew?


Lesley R Caines said...

Have a great time with your family Marie, thank you so much for all your reports from Skye. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. We will all look forwrd to hearing from you again soon.

Marie said...

Poor Cody:-(
His back legs slipped off the grooming table earlier and he was stuck....I managed to catch him but thought he'd broken a leg he was crying so much!
After much limping and sympathy, he was right as reign an hour later thankfully.

Scotish-Davie said...

Merry Christmass & all the best to you and your for the new year.
Maybe see you out walking Cody when your back home in Airdrie.

Tina W said...

Hope codys ok.

Marie said...

Cody is fine now Tina..thanks
We both got a fright though!

Happy Christmas to you too Davie.
Dont know if I'll see you around as its a busy time, but perhaps in the spring/summer we'll see you in strathclyde park :-)

Lesley R Caines said...

Poor Cody, but you know these boys are big softies can't take the pain like us girls! Sayig this I am so pleased there is no damamge to his leg Phew!

Marie said...

Yes Lesley I think he was milking it for sympathy in a typical male fashion.
He's never really been injured before so you'd have thought he was getting murdered!
I thought we were gonna be visiting the vet at first, but thankfully he's running around normally again.

Tina W said...

typical male!!

maureen said...

I agree men are not good at pain,lets hope he doesn't get man flue//// have a good Xmas and New year,