30 January 2007

Ch Willow Wind Tenure (Ten) with his owner Nancy Han

Ch Willow Wind Tenure

Champion Willow Wind tenure has been Best In Show 37 times and won the pestigous terrier group at Westminser in 2000. This is quite an achievement when you realise he retired from the show ring at 3 years old.

Ch Rock Ridge Night Rocket and Ch Willow Wind Tenure are the only two Bedlingtons to have ever won Group 1 at Westminster.

28 January 2007

Ch Rock Ridge Night Rocket

Best In Show 1948
No Bedlington terrier had ever won the best in show in 40 years of Westminser competition. Ch Rock Ridge Night Rocket was also the second dog in history to win both the indoor Westminster and the Morris & Essex (the "outdoor Westminser"). Champion Rock Ridge Night Rocket became1948's top dog: "best in show" of 2,540 entries at the Westminster Dog Show, most prestigious event in the U.S.
Madison Square Garden New York
This legendary dog show is for champion dogs only. It has been going strong since the 1870s and is the second longest continuously held sporting event in the United States, just one year behind the Kentucky Derby. Here the greatest collection of dogs assembles each year before the audience and the judges. More than 2,500 champions compete in 162 different breed and variety rings and the winners go through to the Best In Show competition. In the dog show world, this represents the pinnacle of achievement. The event is the doggy equivalent of the Super Bowl and Academy Awards combined into one. Established in 1877, The Westminster Kennel Club is an American institution, recognised beyond doubt for its prestige and its contribution to the world of purebred dogs . This year is the 130th show and takes place on the 12th and 13th February
bedlingtonpictures will be devoting the next few days to photos of Bedlingtons who have won Best of Breed, the Group or taken the title of Best In Show at this prestigious event.
Starts Tomorrow
Westminster Dog Show 12-13 February 2007 Madison Square Gardens, New York

27 January 2007

Ch Vistablu Nelson Touch
Champion Vistablu Nelson Touch was born 1st November 1984 and was owned by Charles and Ida Sills. He will be remembered by many as was the the only dog to have won 47 Challenge Certificates. He has also been B.O.B 35 times. This very successful dog's last Challenge Certificate was awarded to him from the Veteran class at Crufts in 1993. Wow, what a star!

Zack and Thandi Tombi

The dog on the left is Zack, he is a 12 year old blind Bedlington who was re homed eight years ago. Zack is owned by the MP Vera Baird. Zach's claim to fame is that he won Westminster Dog Of The Year, open to all dogs whose owners are Members of the Palace Of Westminster in London. The dog on the right is Zach's friend Thandi Tombi. Thandi Tombi was bred by Maureen Wright and is owned by Madalene Ahearne.

26 January 2007

I think it is time to start a new photo topic how about ..........
This is a famous dog who is part of the ancestry of most of today's show dogs. FANTASTIC LUCKY BLUE was bred by Mr Gent on 21st May 1983 and was owned by Mr and Mrs S J Lockett. Fantastic Lucky Blue was tested and proved clear of the CT gene. To promote the use of his 'clear dog' his owner deliberately kept his stud fee low. ( Check out your dog's pedigree)
Photo by kind permission of Linda Freeman .

This special photo is of Billy with Ben. Brightstar Lad won BOB at the working terrier show at Bedlington.

When in deep water don't make waves. Blend in, stay calm and try and look like you know what you are doing!

What a great photo for our introduction to the working Bedlington or the Bedlington at work. If you have any photos of your dogs out in the fields and hedgerows please share them with us.

24 January 2007

Did you scratch your nose as well? I will lick it better. It was certainly cold and dark in there, a real black hole!

23 January 2007

Best foot forward, I can smell a dirty rat over there!
No this is not Parker but Larry his brother. Thank you Pat for sending through this super photo.

22 January 2007

It must be time to go home! What fun we have had today.
Thank you Billy for this great shot of a couple workers ready for home.

You had better hide cos I'm coming down!

21 January 2007

19 January 2007

First of the working photos, Diesel out working on a cold wet winters day. I know there is a lot of great photos out there, so please share them with us.

18 January 2007

What's the weather like where you are?
This is South Wales this morning!

More puppies, this is too cute for words, many thanks to Mark Walshaw for this adorable photo. Little Rocky has found himself a safe haven amongst the cleaner hose! Click on photo to enlarge image.

15 January 2007

Puppy heaven.
Thank you Martin and Jill for this endearing photo of Sarah with Rosie. This photo was taken the day they collected little Rosie. What an exciting day, I think we all remember the day a new puppy comes home!

13 January 2007

What a bedlie pin up girl Mini is! She looks stunning in her diamond collar. Lovely photo Billy of your girl, thank you for sending it.
It is very quiet at the moment, not too many shows at this time of the year. I will be struggling over the next few weeks to keep this blogg updated regularly without more photos. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out! There must be hundreds of really interesting Bedlington photos filed away in computers that can be shared with us.

11 January 2007

Lesley Butler would like to thank The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club for these beautiful flowers. Receiving the bouquet certainly cheered Lesley up. We all send Lesley our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery after her stay in hospital.
At the moment Lesley has lost her voice and is unable to personally thank the Club but would like me to express just how much she appreciates their kind thoughts and generosity.

10 January 2007

Skalman, BOB at the Swedish Terrier Club Show in Södertälje. Ch Isotop's Battery (Skalman) is the top Swedish Bedlington for 2006. Thank you Malin for sharing these lovely winning photographs.

09 January 2007

Well what a transformation! Diane who has a grooming business has worked wonders on Bailey. I wonder if the owners recognised him when they came to collect him from the shop?

08 January 2007

Thank you Sharon for sharing these lovely puppy photos, the puppy in the red collar is Sharnor Blue Saphire (Floss) and in the blue collar Sharnor Blue Diamond (Sabre). I think Tula the JRT is giving the puppies a lesson on how to be a great terrier!
Diesel's 1st agility run since her litter. I guess she needs a little practice!
Click Here

04 January 2007

Little did Lucy know that one of her babies was destined to become a champion and top bedlington 2006!
The story of Ch Lowbrook Llaffan JW ShCM (Harry) begins here ..............

02 January 2007

Many Congratulations to Jeri Bernard in San Francisco USA with Burmington Maid From Magic, "Diamond" earned her Agility Excellent and Excellent Jumpers titles in December 2006.
Diamond will now start competing in the highest American Kennel Club level against the top agility dogs. It is great to see an English bred Bedlington competing at this level in America!
Well done Jeri.

01 January 2007

Wow! What a day for Parker's baby! (Gnejna Bay Madam Dominica). Millie took first place in a class of 13 AVNSC puppy terriers at Coventry Ladies Kennel Society Premiere Show today. Millie who is only 6 months was not phased by the hustle and bustle of all the dogs and people around the ringside at her very first show.