31 October 2007

For Skye
He took you to be a sunbeam to brighten all our days.
He took you to be the starlight so darkness goes away.
He took you to be a rainbow to make our wishes on.
He took you to be an angel to live forever on.
And when we raise our eyes to the heavens above.
We know that you are safe there wrapped in God's special love
Composed by Teena

Tina Welsh has a large blue plastic dog bed for sale bidding starts £1.00-and all her three dogs fit in it!
Highest bidder at 6pm Friday wins! The money for this iten is going to Bedlington rescue.
Maureen: I could do with one for my kennels, how about £2
Mark :£2.50p
Lesley: £2.70p
Maureen ups her bid to £2.95.
If you would like to bid for this item please put it in the comments.
With Christmas just round the corner, I am going to put in the index column "Articles for sale or wanted." If you have any unwanted items in good condition or are looking for a particular item this will be the place, just email me the details and if possible a photo and l will upload it for you. Chrisitne Slatcher will once again be selling hand made collars and there are still BTA calendars available! All monies will go to the seller, it will be up to each individual if they wish to put in a donation to Bedlington Rescue.

Ralphie dresses for a Halloween night time walk in his new winter fleece jacket
Show update and my news
I don't know of any shows this weekend with bedlington classes, please let me know if you are entered somewhere.
Sat the 10th of November sees Ron Menaker judging at Cheltenham and District Canine Society Show. I am hoping to get a short interview with Ron as he judges the breed in many different countries and has been involved with Bedlingtons in America for many years!
Saturday the 17th November is the West Midland Terrier Society Show , three classes being judged by Dawn Bussey. I have asked Dawn to let me know how many entries she has.
This Saturday sees the Midland Bedlington ( hands On )Seminar. On speaking to Dorothy Owen the secretary yesterday she told me that a few people attending the assessment have got nerves about the whole thing! Dorothy says the event is meant to be a relaxed learning experience it is not difficult and enjoy the day!
The winner of Mark's caption competition is Stewart with (Wadduz he mean toenail time? Soon as he opens the roof vent I'll pee on him). Mark says she hates been groomed in any shape or form & will go anywhere to hide to get out the way as soon as the grooming equipment comes out. Congratulations Stewart and many thanks to Mark for running the competition. If you have an interesting photo, and could donate a small prize for a competition just let me know.
And finally Poppy (Gnejnabay Zena of Bugibba) got a group 2 yesterday at Romsey. I can't tell you how just awful the venue was, indoor riding school, say no more, I will post a couple of photos when I get time!

30 October 2007

Wednesday and here is our report from Maureen in Wales

Here we go, Enid has found a new vet in MERTHYR she is really impressed with the practice the name is VICTORIA VETS PRACTICE, the vet Katherine Lloyd, has never seen a bedlington with copper toxicocis in her 10 years as a vet, I hope she never does, and would like to be kept informed of any new developments on the subject. The cost of the booster was 28 pounds, that is a lot cheaper than my vets, I paid more like 40 pound, as always it pays to shop around, I am sure Enid will add to my comments.
I bet many of you did not know that besides Bedlingtons Tim Bouse's other passion is boxing, he helps to train around 50 boys, but sadly the club called All Saints Boxing Club, has lost their training hall, so if they can't find another hall, then there will be 50 boys with nothing to do, it seems such a shame after all the work the trainers have put in.
Paula will not be at the next show L.K.A. as the is having a new kitchen fitted, the worst room to have a make over as we all use the kitchen so much, besides that she has a rotten cold, but the dogs don't care, just look where they have made their bed.
Steve and Tracey have a new puppy Bella the lurcher, what a cracker, they have sent a photo of her catching her first rabbit, Kevin who bred her will be so pleased.
Please keep your pets safe this weekend its bonfire night,
This is for skye from Wales, goodby and god bless!
Thank you so much Maureen for news from Wales!

We don't like the idea of a new kitchen, nothing wrong with the old one!

Look what I've caught says Bella!

Ode to Skye
My little Skye it time to go, leave us behind we love you so,
Its time for you to go to heavens new, where run and play is all you do.
With angels you will play tonight, and sleep in a place that's o so bright
We will remember you for ever more, the love you gave us and much much more
Only one thing left for us to say, that's we will meet again some day
Kisses and cuddles we will have once more, my little Skye who we do adore.
Good night, and god bless my little lamb.
Steve and Sharon Ross
This poem was written by Steve for Mathew and Ann-Marie who shared their lives with Skye
Tragic News
Just a note to let you know over night Skye took a massive turn for the worse, and was losing too much fluid and protein from her body. I sat with her all morning and watched her crying and suffering. I rushed her to the vets and was told she was just knackered and was dying and if left would be dead within hours. I had to make the heart breaking decision to put her out of her misery, I am devastated anybody will tell you me and Skye had a special bond She worshipped the ground I walked on and would never let me out of her sight. It was Skye that got us into the breed of bedlingtons. R.I.P Skye love Matthew, Ann-Marie, Jake, Mouse and little Sasca.thanks Lesley and everybody for your support. Matthew and Ann-Marie
Tuesday, and here is Tina's report from the Midlands
The Wallers in Rotherham have had a bad couple of weeks. First their old timer Duke (Ch Skewhill Stay Lucky) who is 15, has had a bad few days of diahorrea and not eating but luckily has perked up and even gone on a good walk. Then Sandra started feeling unwell and weak last Monday and by Thursday had the trots too-she's on the mend now although still feeling fragile. She says Blue seems a bit off colour today so fingers crossed he's not coming down with the bug. Tony's friend who is 90 has been hospitalised as he's had a mini stroke. When Tony rang his home this evening his rescued Jack Russel answered the phone, and started whining and crying to Tony, so he's popped down to give the dog some company and tell him his dad should be home tomorrow-bless!
Thank you Tina, I hope Sandra and the dogs are all feeling better, I think they have all gone down in sympathy with one another! Hope Tony is not next.
Thandi on the Gower last week
Thanks to Madeline for the photo. The Gower looks really beautiful but where is it?

29 October 2007

Chester-Le-Street & District Canine Society
Bedlington Terrier 4 entries but only my 2 turned up but we did get group 2 terrier with Winfell Reward (Loue) and group 2 puppy with Cedar of the Manor (Badger) so real good day had, Badger is on left and Loue on right.
Well done to Steve Ross for yesterday for you group placings.
Winter is coming, Adora and Ken need to wear their new sweat shirts.
They look so cute Nina!
Jack Bojangles
Monday and here is our junior reporter Victoria Colley with her latest news.
We took jack to obedience training on monday night. Things were going really well until he saw my Dad stroking a whippet, then things went downhill rapidly. Even his favourite treat, lambs heart, could not his hold attention. My Dad had to leave the hall, then Jack settled down a bit.
On Thursday night at ring craft the exact opposite happened! Jack wouldn't settle and wanted to play with all other dogs,then of a all sudden he was going straight up and down the mats and I was even shown a few junior handling tips by my new friend Naiomi.
I hope to have some photographs soon. The lady who runs the ringcraft has a 6 mth old, blue bedlington puppy. She says the puppy's father is Stewart' s Champion Lowbrook Llaffan .
We have been following the story of Skye and hope she recovers soon. I met Mathew and Anne-Marie at the Funday,and they kindly let me stroke the puppy they had.
Victoria and Jack
Well Victoria looks like you have your hands full training Jack. I am so pleased you have met a friend who is interested in Junior Handling. I think you and Jack are going have loads of fun next year!

28 October 2007

competition time
Best caption to the photo of D
Mark Walshaw has kindly offered to run a competition and has offered a bottle of bubbly to the winner to be collected at LKA. The closing date for entries will be midday next Tuesday!
OK, Maureen and Tina this is FAR too easy for hawk eyes like you! I can't let this bottle go this easy! To keep the competition going for the next 6 days I am going to change the rules and ask for the BEST CAPTION to the photo! Mark will decide the winner. I will find a little gift for Maureen and Tina, maybe grandma's lemon cake like last year at LKA!

Sweat Shirts
The sweat shirts will be available for collection at the Midland Bedlington Seminar on Saturday. If you have ordered one and are attending the seminar please let me know.!
Sky is on the mend!
The vets have been letting us visit Skye daily, so today I took my camera. Today she's had all the tubes taken off her, seemed very alert and lively. She's been eating a lot and hasn't been sick once so the steroids must be doing the trick. Although its only early days, hopefully she's on the mend and yes I was sporting my blog sweatshirt!!
This is just fantastic Mathew, what a strong old girl she is, the fact that she is lively and eating proves she feels well, all we need now is for her to be fit enough to go home.
Will you still feed me, will you still need me when I'm .............
Many happy returns to Derek Owen tomorrow.
Darren and and his sister Sharon drove nearly 450 miles round trip to collect their new little girl, Isla. Hopefully Daren will keep us updated on her progress. Once she has had her inoculations Isla will be attending the North East Meet.

Many thanks to Tricia Palmisano who is our Bedlington Pictures reporter for the USA


Pam Dickerson, Chair, Health and Wellness, Isabel Gantz, Health and Wellness member and the BTCA, are coordinating a Bedlington Health Sharing document that all can participate in. This will be a living and growing document. The Bedlington Health Sharing document is meant to give bedlington people a place to document health issues the have and hopefully solutions they have found so others can benefit. The person responsible for the accuracy of the information will be the submitting person. Isabel and Pam will work to keep this document available for you to share your information with others. The document will be updated and available on the BTCA website under the Health and Wellness section. Thanks Tricia

Do check out the web site for The Bedlington Terrier Club Of America. Unfortunately only a handful of us here in the UK are members. The BTCA produce a wonderful spring, summer and fall publication for its members called Tassels & Tales. If we are to unite the breed we need to encourage Bedlington fanciers to join overseas breed clubs. Please email me If you would like to join and need a sponsor


27 October 2007

What a day for this little girl who won Best Puppy at her very first championship show, congratulations Trevor and Jane!
Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Show Photos
A little note from Mathew and Ann-Marie
Thanks a lot for putting skye on the blog. What an excellent response and kind words by everybody. We would like to thank everyone. Maybe all the kind words and prayers pulled her through the operation. We found out tonight that even people that don't comment on the blog know about her and have been asking how she is!! We are going to visit again in the morning and I'll get a photo of her for you. Thanks a lot Matthew and Ann-Marie--
Stop Press
Congratulations firstly to Stewart Yearley and Ch Lowbrook Llaffan JW SCM who WON the Champion stakes and Yvonne Bannister who was second in the Veteran Stakes with Ch Mollora Enchantment with Miteymidgets Sh CM at the Midland Champ Show this afternoon!
Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Dog Show
27th October 2007
Shirley Davies and Honeymist Miles high wins Best Of Breed today at Midland Counties Championship Show, Mark Walshaw and Mollora Kristi Marie With Janmark wins the Bitch CC. The Best Puppy went to Ruffsfurze Mavrodaphne, this was her very first Championship show!

Although Jon's batteries ran out of steam, there will be some photos later. Congratulations to all the winners today, there's no news yet on the group.

26 October 2007

Late Night News
Just wanted to wish everyone good luck tomorrow, we will all be bleary eyed with such an early start of judging. Hopefully tomorrow evening we will have a photo of Best Of Breed on here and all the exhibitors and class winners by Sunday. Many thanks to all the new reporters, I can't tell you how nice it is to turn on the computer in the morning to find regional reports, not only is it great to hear from other people on the blog but it certainly takes the pressure off me when there are only a few photos on my desktop! We will all be thinking about Skye and keeping everything crossed that she is on the road to recovery. All the sweat shirts are ordered but unfortunately are not ready, as soon as I have them I can post them off or if you don't mind waiting hand them out at LKA. Apparently there are 10 Bedlingtons entered at Romsey Open Show next Tuesday.
Well that's it from me tonight, bye for now.
Anyone interested in the Rugby World Cup Final or a glass of our Dad's wine, boring!
Ralphie and Jack play fighting on a deserted beach

Parker and Diesel meet Teena and Poppie

It is great when you get a chance a chance meet to new friends through the blog. I met up with Poppie and Teena at my training session on Wednesday evening. I recon Poppie could be our next dancing Bedlington as she has already learnt a few dance moves!

Good Morning blogers, here is our weekly report from Stewart ( London and the Home Counties)
All a bit quiet in the home counties at the moment with little to report.
Maurice starts this season's work next week on our shoot near Newbury and after six years he is starting to show an interest in feather as well as fur. Much as I love him, I've never known a Bedlington like him, he's a real sensitive woos. I'll let you know how he gets on in future reports. Too much "working" blood seems to have dulled his instincts as all his "show" bred ancestors have been keen to kill on sight. His granny, Ch.Skewhill Cu Free at Lowbrook being particularly bloodthirsty; even, to my horror, leaping on a muntjac she encountered in the beaters line. She also "marked" rabbit holes for the ferrets and amazed the 'keeper by going on full point to pheasants, not going in until told. His mum, Lowbrook Lilo Lil, was obsessed by ducks and we often successfully ran her around the flight pond after a shoot to pick up the wounded after the "proper" gun dogs had supposedly done their job.
Does anybody have any tips on how to get him fired up, 'cos he's a bit of an embarrasment at the moment.
See y'all at Midland Counties.

25 October 2007

Skye is poorly
Sky has been backwards and forwards to the vets in the past 2 weeks. We are still waiting for the vets to pin point the exact illness. It started about 2 weeks ago of really bad being sick and days of not eating, so one day I fed her some puppy food and she sicked it all up and in the sick was 7 red postman's elastic bands! Then on Sunday she looked like she had just had a litter of pups. she had a lot of loose, saggy skin full of fluid hanging underneath her, and really bad sickness again. It was at the bedlington meeting that we all became really concerned. So she was back to the vets on the way home and we were told it could be heart failure. Since then they think its her liver or stomach as she isn't breaking down proteins from her food, and instead is just sicking it up. Her albumen levels should be in the 30's but Sky's had dropped to 6!!! She came home last night feeling sorry for herself but this morning she had to go back in where they scanned her liver and x-rayed her. Her liver is fine but there is swelling to her stomach wall and the only way to get to the bottom of it is to open her up and look inside her. She's stayed at the vets tonight and tomorrow they are going to do surgery. the only worry being she's 14 and hopefully she'll come through it although she isn't very strong at the moment.
Matthew and Ann-Marie
Daisey Mum, Goldie Dad and all their little ones take time out in the sunshine!

This camping is so boring, our Dad remembers his slippers but forgets his walking boots, what are we to do but sleep all day!
Dawn helps with the trimming at the North East meet

North East Natterings by Mark our reporter
Excellent weather for the time of year in the North East, very mild, excellent walking weather for us all & the dogs. Lots of scents in the air for the dogs, you try to keep them in the house. All the vermin are on the move at present, so if you have sheds, garages, lean tos, etc & have any stocks of food in them, beware, you will attract the vermin. Ensure your potatoes, vegetables, sacks of dog food, etc are well packed away securely. My mouse & rat traps are already hard at work, with several strikes already. Last year, before I realised, the mouse & rats had devoured a full sack of dog food. Trapped 26 mice in a week in my unused garage.
Sunday saw the North East gettogether for all owners of Bedlington Terriers, as usual it was 3 hours enjoyed by all, this meet saw another 3 new couples with Bedlingtons turn up for the first time. These people were pet owners who thought it brilliant that they could meet up with other like minded people & pick everyones brains (didnt take long LOL). All had several questions to ask & went away armed with web site details to purchase everything from clippers to Thornit & of course the site details for the Blog & NBTC.
I am sure that Lesley will be sharing a few more of the snaps in the coming weeks.
Heres a thought, why don't we Bedlington owners attending the last champ show of the year at LKA, have a bit of a party? I am sure if we all bring a bit of ''tucker'' we could knock up a buffet, for after the judging? Good idea / bad idea?
See some of yer Saturday, good luck to all!
Thanks Mark, ( these reports are fantastic, they certainly add a sparkle to the blog. If you can help, we are still looking for some kind people to write a few lines in the East of England, Southwest, and Scotland) Count me in on the party Mark!
PS keep the captions coming on the photo competition, this is a lot of fun!

24 October 2007

Vaccinations in the USA

This makes for interesting reading, new vaccination protocols are out in America. The new protocol will be taught at veterinary schools. Links below include an article about the protocols and then the presentation itself.
Bow Wow Wow Bentley giving Benedict a good night kiss.
Thanks to Nicola for this lovely family photo.
Here is our first report from Maureen Wright our Welsh correspondent

Frances Fuller who has been involved with Bedlington rescue for many years, up sticks and moved to Wales this summer. I rang Frances yesterday to see how she is settling into her new home. Frances is enjoying her move to Wales and at the moment is very busy in having a new kennel block installed. New windows are being fitted into the house and also work is being carried out on the roof. When the renovations are complete she intends to call on the rescue centers in the area, make herself known, inform them that she will take any Bedlingtins and re home them to suitable families. Rheanon tells me that her new puppy's first show is LKA. so good luck to them.
A little reminder to caravan / camper people, we have had a few nights of frost so don't forget to drain the water down and leave the taps open, most important take the shower head off, as water can easily build up and freezes the joints.
Sad news now Diane Herbert's mother died on the 6th Oct after a long illness, our thoughts are with Diane and her family.
Talk to you all next week, Maureen

Thanks Maureen

Diamond going great guns as she exits the tunnel at an agility show in Southern California.

23 October 2007

Here is our first report from Tina Welsh ( Midlands)
Lesley Butler is waiting to go into hospital for an operation-should be anytime before the 1st week in January. Luckily It's not as bad as first thought and she should make a full recovery-we wish her well. She has been passing her time taking care of her dogs and showed"Vickey" one of her Dalmations last week at Newark and got a 2nd-that was good as Vicky hadn't been in the ring for fourteen months so well done Lesley.
Just to remind you of the Midland Bedlington Terrier Cub breed seminar at Tollerton is on the 3rd November. Dorothy Owen is frantically trying to get 20 dogs and handlers to assist with the hands on part. You can contact Dorothy on 0115 9816018.
Thanks Tina
Jack and Ralphie investigating something very interesting in the water! But can you spot the third dog in the photo? Click on photo to enlarge.

Photos from Sunday's North East Bedlington Meet
The top photo is Billy with Mini. I have had an enquiry about your leather slip leads Billy, they are ideal for agility dogs. The second photo is of Mathew and baby Sasca who is standing beautifully on the table.

22 October 2007

This is Kevin's puppy Jake out in the fields, what a little stunner he is kevin!
Bedlington Pictures Reporters
Many thanks to the kind people who have volunteered to give up a a little of their spare time to help me out the blog.
Sunday Tricia : U S A
Monday Victoria: Our junior reporter
Tuesday Tina: The Midlands
Wednesday Maureen : Wales
Thursday Mark: The North East
Friday Stewart: London And The Home Counties
I am still look for volunteers for Scotland, The Southwest, The North West and East of England. As this is a photographic blog just a short paragraph on anything to do with Bedlingtons in your area, a photo would be great but is not necessary.
Just a note to all the new blog viewers, do check out our library where photos of all the exhibitors and winners from many of this year's Championship Shows and club open shows can be viewed.
Liver bitch wanted!
Christine Slatcher has had an enquiry from a l lady looking for a liver bitch, either a puppy or young adult up to 18 months old. Can anyone help?
Head to head, Ralphie and Jack
I would like to introduce you to our Bedlington Pictures Junior Reporter Victoria Colley. Victoria is eleven and is interested in anything to do with Bedlingtons. Over the winter months Victoria will be attending ring craft and obedience classes with Jack and hopes to compete in junior handling classes. Victoria has kindly offered to send her report for the blog every Monday.
Here is my report for Monday:
We had a lovely day when we met Ed ,Rebecca and Ralphie at Minnis Bay,Birchington. Jack and Ralphie had great fun running up and down the beach and play-fighting. I am sure Jack is looking forward to meeting Ralphie again.
From Victoria Junior Bedlington Pictures Reporter.
Forthcoming Shows
Saturday 27th Midland Counties Championship Show: Judge Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews
Tuesday 30th October Romsey and District Canine Society, three Bedlington classes: Judge Julien Barney
Chester-Le-Street Open Show on Sunday
Please email me if you know of any more.
Devon and Cornwall Terrier show
Congratulations to Enid with Ecco Pengerrig iron Duke who took Best of Breed yesterday.
Out with the dogs at Crimdon on Saturday
I'm ready lets go off to the show its time for me to start,
I might Be first I might be last but it is nice for me to take part
Don't know wear I'm going dad said on the phone I think a cc show,
I don't really care but when I get there I will be ready to go,
Go up and down then stand around till judge makes up his mind,
But win or lose I still get a hug because my dads really kind,
I will try and be good and do as I'm told but sometimes its really hard,
But my mam said that if I was I might get a red card,
All this fuss don't matter to me but it does make my dad smile,
So I will be good and I will do as I'm told cause its only for a while
Many thanks to Steve for the photo and Badger for the poem.

21 October 2007

Lowestoft & Oulton Broad Canine Society 21st Oct 2007
Judged by Mrs Sharon Ames ( Sharnor)
1 Mrs S Morrice Mollora Wild Angelica
2 Mrs Y Bannister Miteymidgets Tetrarch
3 Mrs J Collier Mollora Little Rosie
Res Mrs J Hamilton Harrisclub Silver Charmer
VHC Mr & Mrs Button Harrisclub Flash Harry
Open Dog
1 Mrs Y Bannister Miteymidgets Mighty Cobra (RBOB)
2 Mrs S Morrice Ch Mollora Ladida Crackerjack
3 Mrs J Hamilton Harrisclub Mister Moonray
Open Bitch
1 Mrs J Collier Miteymidgets Cruiser (BOB, GRP2)
2 Mrs S Morrice Mollora Remember Me

AV Terrier Puppy was Sylvia's Mollora Fancy Pants went on to GRP1 Terrrier Puppy and then BEST PUP IN SHOW
Click Here For Photos

Many congratulations to Sarah Collier and Sylvia and thanks to Martin for the photos and results!
Wow! Donna and Willow hit the big time today! This was ONLY her second show.
Willow ( Aireview Xmas Holly) was entered in avnsc puppy terrier class at a local open show today, Hillsboro (Sheffield) District Canine Society held at Newark, she came first and got puppy group 3!!! there were no bedie classes.
This is a real success story for Willow and Bedlington Pictures as we first met Donna, Brian and Willow at the Midland Bedlingon Fun Day. Willow was bought as a pet, after trimming her on the Fun Day Maureen recognised they had a very special puppy and persuaded Donna to show her. Her first outing was at the Midland Open Show where she won best puppy! Now on her second outing she wins a puppy group3. We will be looking forward to see seeing Willow at LKA her first Championship Show. This is just fantastic many congratulation to Brian and Donna
Catwalk Dogs ITV tonight 9pm
Have We Met Before?
Ralphie and Jack

The story of Jake
I do not know about Jake's breeding as we got him when he was 14 weeks old, and don't know much of his history. He was sold at 6 weeks, to someone who is by all accounts a druggie/alcholic, who kept him in a crate for the first 2 months. A friend of a friend then bought him off the first owner, to look for a better home for him. We were looking for a puppy at that time, so when my friend told me his story we went and had a look and fell for him. We took him the next day. We didn't get any paperwork with him, and he was in a bit of a state - quite badly matted (before and after photos attached - it was like collecting a different dog from the groomers!) He doesn't seemed to have been affected by his bad start though, he's settled in to our family really well.
What a fantastic story Louise, I vote Jake as Bedlington Pictures dog of the month!
Sunday Bedlingtonland News
Firstly do try and get a copy of the Countrymans Weekly to read the report on Billy and Colin after their terrific win at the Moorgreen Working Bedlington Championship.

Safe Journey to Darren who is travelling down south today to collect his new puppy bitch. I think it is going to be very quiet at Sandra's house with all the tiny paws off to their new homes this weekend.

Last chance for sweat shirts, the order is going in Tuesday, please put a comment on the sweat shirt list if you would like to order .

We have Bedlington fans from all over tuning in to the blog most days and I thought it would be great to have a regional report every week. I am looking for a few kind people to write just ONE paragraph every week for the blog. It can be about anything to do with Bedlingtons in their area or if nothing is happening just about their own dogs. Just a paragraph, may be to include new puppies, what went on at ring craft, local show news, informal gatherings, rescue and rehoming etc. You don't have to send in a photo but if you can all the better. With a little bit of persuasion I have have five volunteers already and looking to fill the other areas:

WALES: Maureen wright

MIDLANDS: Tina Welsh

NORTH EAST: Mark Walshaw






U S A: Tricia


YOUNG REPORTER : Victoria Colley is going tell us about junior handling or anything about their own dogs or other dogs and events in their area.

Looking forward to hearing from any kind bedlington folk who can help us promote the blog and give just a few minutes each week to write just a little about bedlingtons in their area.

20 October 2007

Birmingham and District Gundog and Terrier Photos
Bedlingtons and Terrier Group Judged by Martin Phillips (Jaeva)
Latest show News 20th October!
Birmingham and District Gundog and Terrier Club Open Show

Congratulations to Mark Walshaw with Mollora Kristi Marie With Janamark ShCM who took Best Of breed this afternoon. No news on the group as yet. Tune in later for the photos.
Mark makes it to the final 6 in the group of 20 terriers, well done Mark!
You did say bed!
Now this is more like it! They definitely need to upgrade their caravan to fit in one of these!
Thanks to Davie for the photo.
How can a man sleep on these lumpy caravan beds!

Second Order
I am going to put in another order next week after the North East Meet. ( Don't forget to wear yours if you are going)! Somehow I have ended up a few pounds out of pocket on the first order, so to make sure I break even on this order the cost will be £14 50 pence plus any package and postal costs.
Ann- Marie small blue
Ed med black
Madeline large blue
Becs sm black
Mark W large black ( please confirm?)
Margaret med blue
Mary large black
Pat med blue
Tony W large blue
Vera medium
If anyone on the list has changed their mind or wants to be added to the list please let me know by the weekend.
Thanks, Lesley

19 October 2007

Arn't I cute!
This is one of Daisey lurcher's puppies.
Jess is another new Bedlington joining our blog family, many thanks to Rona who sent me the photo.
And here is another of Z's babies, another stunning dark coat like Dad! Thanks to Elaine for the photo.
Bedlington news from our friends in Australia,
Melbourne Royal Show September 07

Terrance is Piperdene Pole Position, Roxie is Piperdene Punk Rocker and their father Jaffa is Grand Champion Piperdene Dream Maker. The photo was taken at Melbourne Royal at the end of September. Terrance was Best of Breed and Roxie was Runner-up.
Hopefully we will have some more photos from this show next week, many thanks to Stewart for forwarding this photo of the winning dogs.
Bridget and Brenda have a quick drink during their evening walk