14 January 2008

And here she is, little Lucy homed at last after a very long stay in rescue kennels!

Here are my pics. as promised. Not very good as I would not stop wriggling but I will try to stay still next time - maybe! The lighter one is when I first arrived, my face is under my curls. The darker one is after my fringe was trimmed. Dora says my groomer, Toni will do a much better job but I won't be going until next month, more pics. after that visit. Anyway I hope you like me Love Lucy Bedlington xx.
Hello Lucy You are going to have a very happy life in a lovely home with your new mum Dora. We will all be looking forward to updates on how you are settling in and off course lots more photos. You will be very pretty once you have had a proper trim but I expect you feel much better already now you can see where you' re going! Lots of love to you , many thanks for writing and do keep in touch.


maureen said...

helo Lucy, you are one lucky girl, tell your mum to keep going with the trimming she is doing a fine job.

Tina W said...

Hello Lucy you look a sweetie.