24 January 2008

Another rescue is re homed
We have just had a new arrival! His name is Fosbury Flier - known as Fos. He's an 11 year old blue Bedlington that we are homed today. Poor boy suffers from a dry right eye and needs medication for it. Here some pictures of him, with Jasper our now sulky 7 year old liver puppy!
Martin and Julie
It is fantastic to hear of another Bedlington finding a loving new home. We now have a wonderful blog family of rescue bedlingtons. The breed owes so much to all these kind people who open their homes and give these unwanted dogs a new happy family life. Julie and Martin do keep in touch and let us know how Fos is settling in . Lots of love and many thanks from everyone at bedlingtonpicturs.


Tina W said...

Well done Martin and Julie,I'm sure Fos and Jasper will soon be best buddies.

Mary said...

bless ya!

maureen said...

7 year old puppy ? let me know the secret.

maureen said...

How are they getting on ? please let us know.

martin and julie said...

Maureen I've no idea why Jasper is still like a puppy! People are always saying Oh he's just a puppy isn't he? No...he's 7! He is so full of energy and loves to play all the time - always has an excited happy face.

They're getting on fine. Fos has found a comfy spot on the sofa, and he's looking happier - when he arrived yesterday he had such a sad face on him. Hopefully Jasper's youthful happiness will rub off on Fos. I got in from work this morning to be assaulted by the two of them bounding around - Jasper seems even puppier with Fos in the house!