14 January 2008

Bedlingtons and Fishing to Music!

I had some nice comments about the last video clip, so here is Twinkle, fishing and some more good soul music. I have included extra ones of Twinkle, it is a Bedlington site after all! But for those who are interested, the angling site is http://www.anglingdiary.com/
Best wishes
Stewart Bloor


maureen said...

Stewart your video clips are brill. its like my fishing just getting started, I have had a lot of help from friends,and even strangers, can you keep sending these clips of the rivers, your catches, and your little bedlington friend.

maureen said...

Stuart sorry about my last comment.. what I meant to say was that my computer skills were like my fishing skills,i am just learning, were as yours are realy good.but i will get there with the help of my friends.

maureen said...

Also I am a bit fed up my speakers are not working, I must treat myself as i have been told the music is great.

Tina W said...

Brilliant video clips-you must be bonkers sleepng in an iced up sleeping bag-I'm afraid that I only fish when the weathers nice.