18 January 2008

Meet Marcus the Northeast and of course bedlingtonpictures youngest Junior Handler!
Here are some photos of Dawn's two and a half year old grandson Marcus , he surprised all the family by coming first in jJnior Handling with one of Marks dog's that he had never met before!. Marcus really put her through her paces and stood no nonsense, what fun they all had that day watching him, Marcus even was brave enough to speak to the judge everyone roared with laughter !
Weclome young Marcus to Junior handling and of course bedlingtonpictures. By the time Marcus is 18 he may be professional handler, you never know!


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Im laughing now rembering the day!

matthew at seaofiron said...

what a talent!
remember the day well.
it was kildale show.
mouse won any variety pedigree sporting dog.
and skye won best veteran.
hello marcus from matthew, ann-marie and your little friend mousey.
last time we saw you was the day you broke the chair and it collapsed under john.
he wasn't amused!!

Tina W said...

I think it's marvelous that Marcus is so good with dogs-Bet your one proud grandmother Dawn!

e.tuck said...

What a star!
He looks really confident - you must e really proud Dawn


dawn said...

oh yes iam girls,he is the only boy on our side for twrnty four years ,since my son died ,so you see hes his nanies right hand man,he can tell you anthing about a bedlington and knowes how to use a sliker ,when grooming,and helps feed them all,and he has them to hes word they love him .thers alwayes one following him about,darall came today with hes new baby for a trim some groomer and hacked all her face of poor babie so we lined her in and all the time marcus was taking to her tell her she was a lovley babie and she was realy reasuered so much marcus wanted to keep her.he is my pride and joy

maureen said...

Ilove the way the dog is looking up at the little boy.