28 January 2008


Fosbury the rescue Bedlington

Here's some pictures of Jasper and Fosbury following their haircuts today by Kathryn. Jasper and Fosbury also met Kathryn's puppy Freddie and Mary's girls Brenda and Bridget. Then they went to the pub and enjoyed some crisps. On the way home they met lots of their friends who thought they looked very smart! The boys really do look great, but my photos don't do them justice. We'll certainly be going back to Kathryn for their haircuts in the future.
All the best Martin and Julie
They certainly look a couple of swells, is Jasper feeling any better about having a new brother around? He certainly looked a little miserable the day Fos arrived!


Tina W said...

They do look a pair of handsome chaps-all the girls will be vying for their attention.

maureen said...

do you call him Foss for short,and how are the two of them getting on?

martin and julie said...

Fos is short for Fosbury Flier.

They get on fine - just ignoring each other! No aggression, no problems in that respect.

We're quite concerned about Fos - always hungry, always drinking, always weeing. He's off to the vet this afternoon.

Lesley R Caines said...

Do let us know how he is, we will keep everything crossed there is nothing wrong!

martin and julie said...

Well we went to the vet this afternoon. They've taken bloods and we'll hear tonight or tomorrow whether or not he's diabetic.

If that comes up negative then it'll be another arm and a leg for a Cushing's test.