25 January 2008

Let me out of here!
Stu reporting in from London and the Home Counties
It was Maurice's seventh birthday on Tuesday and he celebrated with a hare stew. It's hard to believe he is now officially a veteran. Seems like only yesterday he won best puppy dog at Crufts for us. It's all coats off for the big one on Sunday. Get them nice and smooth and there's six weeks for them to grow through dense and dark. The coloured guard hairs grow slightly faster than the undercoat so protrude out on top to show maximum pigmentation. Keep combing to a minimum to avoid pulling the coat out. Exercise is being upgraded by an extra mile per day so both dogs and Angie will be like lithe greyhounds straining at the slips.
See you all Saturday
Thanks Stu and many happy retuns to Maurice, it only seems like yesterday when I first saw him in the puppy class at Maidenhead!


Marie said...

A belated happy birthday to maurice.
I hope you enjoyed the hare stew.

maureen said...

happy birthday, maurice ,poor ange.

stu said...

When I shot the Hare he tried to eat it raw, fur and all.