29 January 2008

Little Miss Tuck and baby Briagha


Marie said...

Look everyone, thats my girl on the right :-)

Elaine, have you not got a name for your wee girl yet?

maureen said...

They look brilliant you must just be patient but you can't can you.

Tina W said...

They are both lovely,I wish they stayed like that 'cos babies are sooo cute.

e.tuck said...

Hi folks - really looking forward to picking up the pups on sunday - the journey back to Durham should be fun!!

marie - names have come and gone as my daughters veto every thing we come up with. Have decided to make executive decision without them.
It will either be Nighean - gaelic for daughter - which links with Mac (son of)

Or MARA after the land of the Masai where we have just spent the most amazing holiday

Sorry not to include Tosh Maureen but my girls were just not having any of that. They have no sense of humour it appears.


Marie said...

Nice names Elaine.
Is Nighean pronounced nee-un?
I was going to go with caoimhe (keeva) until someone suggested briagha.

Thanks again for picking up my puppy :-)

maureen said...

Elaine how about NICK / TUCK