28 January 2008

Millie says ,"it's cold out here mum"!

Lunch Time News
Kevin's mum has been taken into hospital after an accident in a supermarket car park. Apparently she stepped out of her car to do the shopping and fell into a open drain! It must have been a terrible experience as she was stuck, could not move, and nearly got run over by another vehicle before help was at hand. What a frightening experience hope she is now on the mend, Kevin do give us an update on how she is.
On a happier note I would like to welcome back Sue and Liza with Millie who have been off line due to a house move. It is great to read your comments back on the blog and thank you for the lovely new Millie photos.


maureen said...

I dont know Kevins mums name but i think the accident was on Friday and she is still in hospital,so hope she is a little better.

stu said...

Get well soon mum but next time send Kevin to get his own beer instead of poncing about at dog shows.

enid said...

Hope you recover quickly, Diane.
It must have been a terrible shock.
I think some health and saftey regulations have been breached.

matthew at seaofiron said...

get well soon kevins mum.
and we think you looked very smart on saturday kev!

Tina W said...

Kevin hope your mum is on the mend.

kevin said...

Hi All
thanks for your kind words she is still in hospital with no chance of being released as yet but hopefully we will get some news in the next day or two, it will be a week on wednesday since she was admitted, the supermarket have sent her some lovely flowers though!!

thanks matthew both myself and billy took a week of grooming to get ready for the show!!

maureen said...

Sorry kevin Ihad my days mixed up Idont know my wednesday's from my friday's, what are her injuries is there anything broken?

maureen said...

Millie Kevin's Mum could do with some of that snow on her legs.

matthew at seaofiron said...

i hope the supermarket wasnt sainsburys!!!!!!!!!
if so, sue them for every penny!!!!
i'm in court with them next week!