28 January 2008

Monday Evening News
This evening we have two reports on our rescue dogs, first from Dora with Lucy.
Firstly I would like to thank all the other lovely 'bedlington' people for welcoming us to the blog. I look forward to reading all the news and your comments. Well, Lucy has been with me for two weeks now and is just showing that she is a cheeky little girl. She is so lovable and affectionate and is a joy to know. Nothing seems to phase her yet; she walks well on the lead, ignores other dogs, is not bothered with traffic noise or the big lorries pass close to us sometimes - so I feel so lucky that I have found her. She has learned how to go in and out of the 'cat-flap'. It took her about a week to learn to go out and a couple more days to realise she could come in as well. She can get into the big yard and is very safe. She goes in the garden to explore when I am with her as she likes to 'eat' the bird food. Most especially to leap up and pull the fat balls down and eat them - 1/3 was eaten before I noticed what she had got ! - no ill effects. Another day when I was working outside tidying up with her help - she fell into the pond, oops. I heard a splash and when I turned she was pulling herself out. She was fine and it was just her body that was was soaked - her head and back were dry. Anyway after a good shake she ran as fast as she could on a circuit of the yard and garden - round and round she went so swiftly that her curls streamed out behind her. Every couple of laps she stopped and looked at me as if she was laughing - she did seem to be having fun. After a while we went indoors and she had a good rub down and again an experience with no ill effects. Well, we are enjoying getting to know each other. Another instalment soon.
Dora and Lucy
I wish you had a video camera to hand the day Lucy fell into the pond!


Tina W said...

Sounds like the two of you are having a really good time getting to know each other-I'm so glad.

Marie said...

Lucy sounds like a well adjusted bedlie who will thrive with you :-)

maureen said...

It's a great story the two of you have bonded that's for sure.