18 January 2008

More Homework
There are many brands of dog food and every dog requires a slightly different feeding programme according to health size and fitness. We all feed our dogs differently hoping they are getting the best. In my opinion we must look beyond persuasive advertising and pretty packaging to the ingredients that are listed on the packet. I, and I expect many of you certainly don't understand what constitutes "maize beef tallow" or "chicken extract" that is listed on a well know dried dog food packet. Luckily we are all able to easily find a low copper diet but are the rest of the ingredients healthy and nutricious who knows? Not me! I think it is about time we started to study what actually goes into our dog food and not be taken in by packaging and marketing. Millions go into marketing and advertising in some brands, but what percentage of the revenue is there for the quality of food that is in the packet or tin?
Here are a couple of websites from an article that Tricia kindly sent to me, one on the copper content of food and another about the ingredients in processed dog food.
What's Really in Pet Food -- An API Report>
Scroll down and click on the link in the index
Canine Copper Toxicosis>

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