28 January 2008

New young handler joins the Bedlington team!
Congratulations to Lucy who is 15 and was second with Mary Godden's Bedlington " Bridget" in the Junior Handling at the City of Cambridge Canine Society. It is fantastic to see these young people taking an interest in the breed. At the BTOY show amongst us oldies there was only one young person handling, at this rate the breed will die out and not from Copper Toxicosis! Also I would like to congratulate Mary with these results from the Cambridge Show.
AV Terrier puppy - 1st Bridget (Seaofiron Where Angels Play
AV Terrier Graduate - 2nd Brenda (Makems HonkyTonk Woman
AV Terrier Best Puppy - Bridget.
I would just like to let you all know after posting the BTOY photos yesterday that bedlingtonpictures had 600 hits in the 24 hour period, another record for us. The blog certainly seems to growing in popularity with Bedlington fanciers world wide!


Sue & Liza said...

Very well done Lucy! Congratulations to Mary too (and of course Bridget and Brenda!). Great results for you.

maureen said...

Well done Lucy we will look out for more news from you and welcome.

matthew at seaofiron said...

well done mary!!
excellent result.
you keep that seaofiron flag blowing down south.
we won't see you at crufts as we are not going, but hopefully we will see you this year sometime.

Mary said...

yea matthew - Bridget really is a love! and such a character. She has fallen in love with Freddie (Sevray pup living in the village) so.... who knows! thank you so much for bringing her into my life. Brenda is my little darling and i need to thank Derek and Eileen as well!!!!!

Tina W said...

Well done Lucy and all winners-great to see another junior handling a bedlington.