17 January 2008

North East Mutterings from Mark and Jan
We have had miserable weather in the North East all week, with heavy rain forecast for Friday, it makes you glad to be at work ? Ive been going to trim the dogs all week, just never got around to it, I think I have the back to work blues after Christmas. It was excellent to see everyone at the meet last weekend, the time flew & I certainly had a very enjoyable & interesting day (Jan must have enjoyed it as well as there was not much moaning).
Provisional date for the next Get Together will be Sunday 23rd March, this is Easter weekend, we will confirm when the hall is booked & issue a flyer / advertise as usual.
The champ show schedules have now started dropping through the letterbox, to date I have received, National Terrier, WELKS, National Dog & Blackpool. Entry fees vary with National Terrier coming in cheapest at £18 / dog & National Dog at a whopping £23 / dog, the other 2 are £21 / dog, which I presume will be about the average for the shows this year?
Looking forward to the BTOTY at Tollerton next weekend, how many are going?
Does anyone know of a caravan park nearby (30 mile ish), where we could maybe park up for a night (weather permitting)? Would obviously need to be bedlington friendly & hopefully have something of interest i.e. near to market town, good dog walks, etc. Just in case we decide on a trip in the M/home.
At our local ring craft this week the bedlington terriers (& bedlington lurcher) out numbered the total number of other dogs present, which was good to see, it was also pleasing to see the progress they are making.
cheers for now.
Mark & Jan
We are look forward to seeing everyone next weekend at BTOY . I don't know how many are going but quite a few dogs qualified, certainly lots of puppies. You may be able to take your camper to Tollerton it might be worth giving Dorothy a call.


matthew at seaofiron said...

or in blues case, lack of progress.
he comes along to provide the entertainment!!!

ps admit it mark, you really want to know if there is a public house nearby!!

Donna said...

hello matthew your lurchers very nice is he going to be a big one?

matthew at seaofiron said...

very big.
going by his feet!!

julie o said...

mattew you wouldnt have him any other way mind you we coould do without the wind problem lol

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

We dont particularly want to stop at Tollerton, prefer somewhere with a few amenities, we could stop Saturday night at, have noted a couple of caravan club sites in Sherwood forest area, that could be interesting.