24 January 2008

Now who is next for their jab?
Thursday Natterings from Mark and Jan in the North East

We had a visit to the vets on Saturday for vaccination boosters for 'Z' & 'D', we took the rest of the pack for a trip out, big mistake, they all new as soon as we turned into the car park that we were going to the vets, cue non stop barking for 20 minutes.
Once out of the vets we decided we go for a walk in nearby Marske Woods, not an area we usually walk. It was only 0915 hours, but already the woods were like the M1 with all types of doggy folk walking their pooches. We met all types, all very friendly & all wanting to natter. Then eagle eyed Jan spotted Bedlingtons on the horizon. We all could not meet up quickly enough. A lady & gentleman with 2 bedlingtons in toe, delighted to meet up with another 5 bedlingtons. We exchanged pleasantries & I began casting my eye over the 2 elderly dogs. I questioned where they were from & was advised Scotland & Yorkshire, I looked again & advised the lady that the dog on the right was from Yorkshire & was a Rathsrigg & the one on the left was a Mollora from Scotland, absolutely correct I was advised. Both dogs a credit to their breeders & both pretty much following their breeders characteristic lines. The lady & gentleman asked about Mr & Mrs Phillips & Sylvia Morrice, asking me to pass on their regards. We nattered for over 10 minutes, nice couple.
Whilst we are away at Tollerton this weekend (looking forward to meeting up with everyone), there is a local show here in the North East scheduling Bedlingtons, Northern Dog, if you are attending, good luck, hopefully some one will advise the results & get a snap or two?
Tuesday night was training night, Mathew & Ann Marie turned up with Blue, Mouse & Phyllis the pheasant, shes now bald & awaiting a temperature of around 180 degrees.
See you all soon.
Mark & Jan
Thank You Mark and Jan. Is anyone entered at the Northern Dog show? If you are do send me the results (with or without a photo) of the winners. Mark there is nothing like a casseroled pheasant for dinner, enjoy! How come the pheasant is called Phyllis?


Tina W said...

Don't suppose you've saved any tail feathers-I want a long to stick in my hat.

maureen said...

and how many paces between each dog.

matthew at seaofiron said...

tina, you want a tail feather and i shall provide.
but i don't know when i'll see you.

matthew at seaofiron said...

lesley, yoyu have a photo of me with phyllis.
phyllis? it was a cock pheasant (male)

matthew at seaofiron said...

the dogs love the tail feathers too!
they have 1 each to play with!

matthew at seaofiron said...

who were the couple you were talking to?
where were they from?