21 January 2008

Open Show Dates
You have all been terrific in sending me through notice of Open Shows, we now have a great list of forth coming shows throughout the country with Bedlington classes. Do check the list regularly as I update it every time I get a new show date sent to me. Please let me know as soon as you have any forth coming shows for April and May. Also I am still looking for recommended dog groomers, I only have two on the list surely some of you know a professional groomer who is capable of trimming the Bedlington that we can add to the list.


maureen said...

I recomend Paula O'leary all breeds not just bedlington's,

Lesley R Caines said...

Please can I have a contact number and the area where she lives please Mo, and does she mind going on the list?

Scotish-Davie said...

I can recommend Scotgroom for owners north of the border. There is an american fella there called Colin that cuts Bedlingtons has over 25yrs experience grooming them here & in the states guys first class & more importantly great with the dogs. They run certificated training classes there also. address; Scotgroom 23 Lanark Rd Carluke. tel; 01555 770333