18 January 2008

Poor Stuey does not look too happy to be having a shower! Thanks to Donna for the photo.


Tricia said...

There is not a sad or sorrier sight then a wet bedlington. Especially when they have gotten wet in the course of being bathed.

stu said...

Mum used to tell me off for wetting the bed!

Lorraine said...


Oooh, I love the suction bath lead!

Please would you let me know where I could get one for Willow?

Donna said...

i got this from cristies at crufts last year for £3 i think dezynadog had them for £8.

Lorraine said...

Thank you Donna!

I will be at Crufts this year (as a spectator) so will look out for one. I am looking forward to Crufts so much and hope to see some of "our" lovely Bedlies showing!

The new bath lead should stop little Willows bath escape attempts, usually while very soggy... :)


maureen said...

i think you can can sucker things from DiY shops and then use your own lead.