31 January 2008

Sad News about our new rescue "Fosbury Flier"
(I had this letter from Martin and Julie last night)
Fos has been to the vet, who says his blood test shows he has liver disease. His ALP test result is 1530 (normal being 20-150). He also has a heart murmur.
He had a urine test today which has shown he does not have diabetes and is having a test for Cushing's Syndrome tomorrow. He's been given a hepatic food to help his liver condition.
We'll let you know when we hear anything new.
Martin and Julie
This is very sad news, do keep us updated!


maureen said...

How old is this dog.

Tina W said...

He's 11 years old.

matthew at seaofiron said...

sorry to hear the bad news.
i know how you are feeling right now, as we were backwards and forwards to the vets with 'skye blue'.

Mary said...

Martin and Julie - i am so sorry to hear your news. It was lovely to meet you and Jasper and Fosbury on Monday and to see what a change after they were groomed. Fosbury seemed really happy. My thoughts are with you. Mx

Marie said...

Here's hoping that Fos' condition can be controlled to allow him a few more years of quality living.

martin and julie said...

Thanks for all the kind words.

Mary it was lovely to meet you too, and your fantastic girls.

Looking on the bright side Fos's liver condition hasn't seen him off yet, and to be honest, we think he's been this way for some time. So hopefully now with his new diet he can have a new lease of life.

Fingers crossed that the Cushing's test is negative - we should know early next week and will keep you all posted!

maureen said...

good luck with the test.

julie o said...

fingers crossed for fos these bedlingtons are made of tough stuff just think what you are doing giving him a new home and new life he had something to keep going for and he will love you for it