21 January 2008

Sarah Our Experienced Junior Handler And Young Reporter

Here's the report for Monday : We received an invitation from France for Rosie to go to the East Anglian Supermatch 2008 apparently the HCS secretary lives there, I think it's a bit posh so Mum & Dad are going! Lilly & Rosie have healed up completely & just have little scars on their belly. They did give us a scare for two days when they were very sick & kept throwing up everywhere, the cause was traced to a new bag of freeflow mince which must have been contaminated - they are much better now. On Wednesday I made some dog biscuits using a recipe from the Three Dog Bakery Cook Book, so I thought I'd share it with everyone else (its mainly in American measurements but I added the English one's).
This is a great recipe Sarah, we all need to feeding our dog's healthy treats that don't come out of a bought packet. I must post my liver cake recipe, that is another easy one the dog's love. Hope your Dad takes his camera to France, we will look forward to hearing all about Rosie's trip.

Recipe, healthy and tasty doggie treats from the " Three Dog Cook Book" Click Here


Martin said...


Wish it was in France!!

Only the Huntingdon Secretary has moved there, unfortunately, not the show hence the postmark. Sarah is a bit apprehensive so Jill and I are going.

She is coming on with her handling, Sarah not Jill, and got a good critique from the LKA so I hope she can continue improving.

Jill said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Martin. By the way we are having salmon pasta for tea tonight :p

Martin said...

No, the dogs are.

Tina W said...

Martin-you'll have what you're given! These biscuits sound yummy-will have to give them a try.

maureen said...

Sarah so glad your dogs are better, is that Rosie on the table her coat looks great.

Jill said...

It is Lilly on the table at Welsh Kennel club show. At the moment they both have good coats, but they are bound to loose them before Crufts.