16 January 2008

Say hello to Big Mo in wet Wales!

Well what can I talk about, the weather, it's got to be, look at the two pictures that were taken this morning in front of our house. We now have a pond with no fish in it, just in the front where we park our cars. The other picture is our little fishing river which has burst it's banks, and with more rain to come it should be quite a site. We are lucky because our houses are above the valley thank goodness. There are already people in Wales flooded out again, it must be heart breaking to suffer a flood. The experts say to get over the January blues we need more sunshine, not much chance of that and to eat bright coloured fruit!
Show time has started and Enid had a good day under Chris Mayors who did avnsc, and the group, Enid took group 2, so well done, Enid's father has a birthday this week he has reached the great age of NINETY so happy birthday to Idwal. Crufts online entries closed yesterday so I hope you did not forget, if you did it's too late now! Did anybody watch the darts final, if you did you have seen the 24 year old lad win, it was a nail biting match, Mark Webster is now the champ. Congratulations to Flossie and Margaret as Atonement has been nominated for a Golden Globe award, that's great news our little bedlingtons are famous. I hope you are all well and have got over the flue if you caught it. Speak to you next week!
Just had a phone call from Madaline, with really good news on Honey. Madaline had sent Pauline a C.D. about all the things she did with her, her likes and dislikes, so Pauline rang Madaline to thank her and give an update on Honey. Pauline and the whole family adore her, she gets on fine with the children, a few accidents in the beginning with the toilet training, but that is all sorted now, so I think little Honey has found a lovely home at last, A big thank you to all the kind people who helped to re home Honey.


patricia said...

well maureen you certainly need wellies in wales!! so good to hear about little honey, fantastic, and thanks to all concerned.

maureen said...

Tricia thats why I had wellies for Xmas, thak you leslie for my new name, thats what Tony Welsh calls me it makes me laugh,BIG MO thats great.
I must say sorry for missing a few words out in my report, I must eat more coloured fruit to help my brain???

Tina W said...

Fish is supposed to feed the brain Mo-you want to get the trout from the river and put them in your new pond-lol-glad to here that Honey is settling in well.