20 January 2008

Sunday and from over the pond our report from Tricia

Everything is still pretty quiet here. Sorry I missed last week, I had a bug and forgot it was Sunday. My kids would say I had a blonde moment. In February we have the Westminister Dog Show coming up in New York City. It is always a week long very glitzy affair. On the night that they judge "Best in Show" the judges are dressed in evening gowns and tuxedos! I however only get to see it on the telly, Live, so that is fun. There are 13 bedlingtons entered this year and I am going to try to find out who they are, so maybe next week I will have those names. Stay tuned. Finally winter here, cold and wet....BRRRR, we are even going to have a freeze tonight. Time to throw another dog on the bed with me. My new puppy Amelia is doing perfect and has settled in like she been here forever, she acts just like the "big girls". She is into that long and leggy look, like a gangly teenager. Toodles for now.....Stay warm and dry, and may the sun shine down on all of us.
Tricia, Greyson, Rose & Willo & Amelia (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Tricia I would love to watch Westminster is it on Animal Planet?


maureen said...

Enjoy your show next week,and keep warm.

Tricia said...

I don't thing it is on Animal Planet, I beleive it is on the USA Network. It may be on Animal Planet later, but it is not on "live" like on the USA Network. That is how I get to see Crruft's......2 month later a taped version on Animal Planet

Lesley R Caines said...

What a shame Tricia, it would be great to see the live coverage! I managed to get a video down load last year, perhpas it will go on the website within a couple of days.