31 January 2008

Thursday Natterings from Mark in the North East
Just a quickie this week.

We are taking a battering tonight with winds in the North East, with heavy snow forecast for Friday. Last Friday was the first time driving the motorhome in the very strong winds, very scary, especially when you are having to drive around all the overturned vehicles.
Recommend the Morrisons Car Park Industrial estate area at Tollerton, all facilities on site for Motor Homers when visiting the Canine Academy, the price was right as well ;-)
It was an enjoyable weekend & was good to meet up again with everyone, we went onto Smeatons Lakes at Newark on Saturday night & did not leave until the football had finished on the telly at 4pm. No showing for me at the weekend as I am stewarding at Darlington Canine Society, hopefully there will be a Bedlington Terrier or owner there, however I think it unlikely as most say they are not attending, if you are going, let me know. Its good to see all these pups around on the blogg, can't wait to see them in the ring.
Cheers Mark
Thank you Mark I think we are all in for a bit of snow tomorrow, I shall look forward to some wintery shots of Bedlington in the snow!


Tina W said...

What was Smeatons lakes like-was it busy-have heard the fishings ok but pricey.

maureen said...

Was it buy one get one free at Morrisons?

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

tina, smeatons lakes is fine, it was £19 for the 4 of us. Its grand for the dogs though & in easy walking distance of Newark.

It was Maureen, one free space went begging! All the amenities though & plenty of wine in the cellar.