17 January 2008

Thursday Titterings!
Nothing to report and I don't know of any open shows this week. It is Manchester Championship Show this weekend, terriers Sunday but no Bedlington classes. Do keep me informed of any forthcoming shows in your area for the Open Show Dates on the index page. Please let me know if I type something wrong, I seem to be getting worse, can't help old age! I have been doing a little project to try and find low copper dried dog foods. Nutro adult has 10mg/kg of copper, if your dried dog food copper content is 10mg or less do let me know and I can make a list on the index page. I have emailed several dog food companies today and waiting for replies. Bye for now.


Donna said...

i empty dog food in a bin so have thrown the sacks away. what about this breed specific dog food, our local pet shop have it for quite a few breeds but not for beds, this stuff could be a ploy though eh

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Royal Canin 23 mg
Purina Pro Plan 20 mg

matthew at seaofiron said...

purina beta puppy 17mg
wagg worker 16mg
wagg puppy 15mg

Tina W said...

Laughing dog 10mg
Chappie complete 10mg
But both have eu additives.

Lesley R Caines said...

I have just been told Pedigree Complete 10mg but i guess this has additives?
This is turning out to be a good discussion.

Lesley R Caines said...

Got this off the Nutro site soundss OK with 10mg copper

The moment all fats or oils come into contact with oxygen, they begin to lose their nutrition and flavour. We have taken special care to preserve the freshness of our Nutro CHOICE dog foods without the use of synthetic preservatives. A special proprietary blend of vitamin C and natural tocopherols (the way vitamin E occurs in nature) is added to each Nutro formula. Nutro CHOICE dog foods are also formulated without artificial colouring agents.

Donna said...

i use chappie aswell so thats 10mg mine get

Lesley R Caines said...

Also Pedigree Professional 10mg
Nothing on packet about additives

Paula o'L said...

Have found a good looking food (on paper - buying some next week) as an alternative to Burns 'golden nuggets' (well they ought to be at that price LOL)

It's CSJ foods - they have a list of local stockists and every ingredient is listed - no 'derivatives of...' Copper content is around 12-15mg/kg depending on the variety.
They are very friendly to deal with and answer all e-mails very quickly.

Lesley R Caines said...

Sandra phoned to say Frolic only has 7mg/kg copper but unfortunately does have EEC permitted colouring and preservatives added!

loukav said...

I feed Jake on Hills Science Plan - the Puppy Chicken dried food has 12.6mg/kg and packet states it has no added artifical preservatives, flavours or colours.
I don't know how much the adult variety contains - as the information on Hills website does not list copper content, its just listed on the packet.

Lorraine said...

I would be a little concerned about Nutro after they found Melamine in it in the US recalls, and after the test before last showed tiny traces of a drug used to euthanise animals (pentobarbital) in the sample. Information is taken from news reports and the companies own US website, although the page is not too easy to find! Just ask if you require the web address. If you google "Nutro Review" you will also find many worrying tales.

While I have not tried it with Willow, Genesis dog food (only available on the internet) has the lowest copper I have found at 8mg, but I am not over fond of some of the ingredients, such as beet pulp. Dried Marigold Petals is a pretty weird one too! No added chemical preservatives or added colourants though.

If anyone can find the best dry dog food for Bedlingtons I would be very grateful, it is driving me potty trying to find one that meets the high standards I would like to have for Willow! She is currently on James Wellbelove at 17.5mg.

Lorraine said...

Willows James Wellbeloved food is 15mg copper, not 17.5mgs. Sorry for the silly error!

stu said...

Before we all go off on one it's worth remembering that only dogs AFFECTED by C.T. need worry about copper levels in their food. Copper is an essential trace element and a normal liver copes perfectly well with it. Restricting dietry copper to a normal dog can be as dangerous as feeding an excess. Most proprietary dog foods lie well within the bounds of what a normal liver can cope with.
If you are concerned about your dog's liver status, have it tested and then worry about copper levels in its food.