15 January 2008

Tuesday is Tina Time from the Midlands!
The weather in the Midlands has been shocking-like the rest of the country we have had terrible rain and high winds along with bitter cold-roll on summer.Lesley Butler is slowly on the mend and appears to be passing her time sending funny emails. Mr Tony Waller has been busy on the re-homing front and has given a couple who are both wheelchair bound a new interest in the shape of a bedlington,which appears to have settled in well. Good luck to everyone competing for Dog of the Year next weekend at Tollerton. I think all the judges are known for this year so it's now a case of deciding which shows we're going to enter and finding nearby fishing venues where necessary,the good weather can't come fast enough for me. Till next week Tina.
Thank You Tina, don't forget to click on Stewart's video clip, I think he makes these especially for all the fishing gypsies on this site!


dawn said...

hi tina weather up here is just the same,makes you feel like not getting out of bed,thank god for my beddies that just wont allow that,nice to hear lesley is doing fine, and well done to tony on hes rehoming, and to all the owners aand beddies good luck for next weekend,looking forward to start of show season so we all can have a good natter john sayes hi to tony take care

maureen said...

Hi Tina yes cant wait for the summer,still its only 3 months,that wont take long.? i will let you know what the weather is like in my rport,

maureen said...

I like that name TINA TIME, I think that will stick.Elwyn thinks its a good name for a puppy.

Tina W said...

Hi Dawn-Tony says Hi to John and hopes that he's doing a bit of carving.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Red Hot in Skelton. Been out watering the lawn tonight, had a barbecue & now relaxing with an ice cold beer on the patio.
Dogs in conservatory panting their heads off!
It will be dark in half an hour.

Roll on Summer, phew, its too hot!
Hope everyone in the Midlands is fine.

dawn said...
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