29 January 2008

Tuesday night's homework (canine lameness)
Do you understand movement? Can you identify patterns of movement associated with healthy gait, hip dysplasia, and cranial cruciate ligamnet rupture? This learning module is of a 5 year old greyhound which has a similar roach to a Bedlington. Do take the time to look at this video clip, understanding movement is vital if you are breeder, judge or thinking about buying a pedigree dog.
(This takes a while to load, but well worth it!)
Many thanks to Jacqui Hurley for the clip


maureen said...

that is great good to watch.

Tina W said...

Really interesting clip-like the fact that you can watch and study from various angles.

stu said...

Interesting stuff but we must remember that a Bedlington is not a greyhound and has its own distinctive mincing gait.

Paula o'L said...

Very interesting, but for better comparison I would have preferred to see three similar size/weight dogs. The stairs were far bigger for the little terrier to climb than for the greyhound and consequently she was bound to tackle them differently, regardless of the state of her hips. I'm pretty sure the greyhound, attempting an obstacle of similar proportion would also have jumped up rather than walked.