13 January 2008

What a fantastic turn out today for the North East Bedlington meet, even baby Ellie took part!


matthew at seaofiron said...

good turn out.
sorry but they left the handsome one and his dogs of the picture.
well done mark and dawn for the organising.

matthew at seaofiron said...

i'm sorry but i didn't get your names but many thanks to the couple for the chat about skye.
sorry for me getting upset but they say its good to talk!
they said that they had been following skyes story on bedlingtonpictures and that they were both upset when she called it a day.

ps that is the real reason i wasn't on the photo as i wasn't looking my best!!!

dawn said...

well what more can i say, the turn out this month was outstanding, i would like to say a big thank you to everyone for making it a good day, and to the ones that help out and we could not do this with out your help edd, ellen ,annemarie ,jan sharon ,steve ,billy ,matty and all our happy band of fanciers a big thank you,and iwas on the grooming table this week so i did not get round to speaking to all the new comers but thank you for joining us and pleaes come again for this is what the meet is all about bedlington terrier people helping each other and a good old natter and a cuppa see you all in march

maureen said...

great snap you look as though you have a ball, Ican see there are a few folk missing from the picture, you will have to get a bigger camera,steve we havnt seen the baby for a few weeks?.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

I'm not in the photo?

All the good looking ones were asked to keep off the snap.

We never seem able to catch everyone & the photo quality is always very poor at this venue, due to the lighting.

But everything else is fine, apart from the cooker.

Perhaps we should ask for a discount for the next get together?

Tina W said...

You are definately going from strength to strength-well done.

Sarah and Tony said...

Brilliant turn out. It was great to see every one again.
Ed and Ossie enjoyed themselves, and were shattered when they got home.
Looking forward to the next meet.

matthew at seaofiron said...

sarah and tony are you two the couple i spoke to about skye?
have you read my message above, if so?