27 February 2008

Billy's mountain

Billy's Lake

Windswept Big Mo tuning in from blustery Wales
Hi from a very windy Wales. Paula sent me computer instructions because I could not get into the comment's box on the blog. Enid also had the same problem but with Paula's help it took me 15 min's to sort out the problem which was naughty cookies! Paula won the competition name the dog and I was asked to present her with the prizes a bottle of wine and dog biscuits. The dogs name that was chosen by Tony and Sandra was Livingstone so we decided it would be nice to show you some of our stones 5 min's from Kevin's Paula's and my house. There are stones in honour of Aneurin Bevan who founded the National Health Service and he was Tredegar born. The lake you see is one that Kevin's young dog Billy swims in, he is entered at Crufts and National Terrier but sadly he will not be there he has had an accident to his right ear, he managed to lose about 3 inches of it how we don't know. Although the ear will heal it is so badly damaged that Billy can not be shown any more. Looking on the bright side he will be still out working the mountains but it's such a shame as he had lots of promise and it was so nice to see Kevin back in the ring. Look after yourselves talk to you next week.
Big Mo
Do you have Cookie problems Paula our blog computer doctor was on call to help Mo and Enid
Hi Mo, I've had problems accessing the blog comments too. If you keep getting an error message, mentioning a virus, this is what I had. To sort it, I went into Internet Explorer, clicked on TOOLS, then clicked on Internet Options. I then cleared all temporary files, cookies etc, then I disconnected from the net and reconnected. Problem sorted, it took me most of the evening to work out what to do. Hope this helps. All the best see you soon
Many thanks to Paula for the computer help and I am so sorry to hear about Billy. It is such a shame to hear he cannot be shown again, I know just how much Kevin was looking forward to a show career with this lovely young dog! Thanks Mo for the report and for the photos. Hope you have warmed up, I know how cold it was in the wind on that photo shoot yesterday.


Tina W said...

Well done Paula for winning the competition and also for sorting Mo's problem-she felt like she'd lost her right arm-far worse that the washing machine breaking down.
Poor Billy and Kevin too as he was a real promising boy,love the views you sent-bet they can be desolate when the snow set in.
What were you both laughing about?

matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

hi kevin, sorry to hear about young billy.
blue is doing fine.
20" and 11kg.

big mo said...

Tina it sure is a bleak place when it snow's behind the lake is Morrison's so it can be a bit dodgy geting there in the bad weather that's why we need 4x4s, Kevin inform's me that Billy is eating and playing and he has a new name for him I will let Kevin tell you what it is.the photo of the mountains is what I would call Kenin's back garden, gosh it looks as though I have drank Paula's wine.

Tina W said...

C'mon Kevin what's Billys new name?
Is that the mountain where it all happens?

Marie said...

Is his new name van gogh?

big mo said...

his new name is I think


Tina W said...

That's good I like that!