28 February 2008

One of the little girls looking for Mum!
This is one of the puppies born to Jazz. The pups have just started to open their eyes (17 days now) and are getting curious about their surroundings. We have sold the dog but we still have three bitches for sale.
Thanks to Sharon Hayes for the photo, we always love to have puppy pictures on the blog. Email me if you would like to contact Sharon for more details of the little girls still available.


Sue & Liza said...

Stop putting temptation in our way Lesley! We'd love another dog, but think Millie needs to grow up a bit more first so she can (hopefully) set a good example to the new pup!
This little one looks really cute.

Louise said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing! I would love another dog, but Jake is only 9 months, think it would be better to wait until he's a bit older and more trained. Though I think he would like a little sister to play with.

Tina W said...

Is it Jazz that Carmel and Brian have?

julie o said...

louise i have two and there is only 6 weeks diffrence in there age it was the best thing i ever did thay bought each other on bog and girl so no problem with the pecking order i would say go for ityou know you want to lol

Marie said...

No point in waiting, they can grow up together. Plus spring is coming, lighter nights and better weather for training puppies.
I say go for it :-)

big mo said...

Yes go for it ////Tina it is not Carmel's jaz can you tell us who the parents are please.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...


Janmark JAJA Jasmin
Janmark Alannora (Q)

Been to see them tonight, good strong pups, doing really well.

Marie said...

Any takers?