31 March 2008

I now recon April 1st 4 pups two boys and two girls,
Victoria and Naomi

Look what I have seen guys!
Spring competition photo 11
Thanks to Mark Walshaw for this one.

Good morning blogers, Monday and we have three Junior reports this morning. Congratulations to all our young handlers who are a credit to the breed. It is fantastic to see the Bedlington now being represented in Junior Handling classes.

Here's the report for Monday : Saturday was the National Bedlington Terrier Club's Open Show. A big thank you to Dorothy for giving Lilly & Rosie first place in their classes. Although Rosie was very naughty in the final line up she was spooked by noise from outside the hall! Congratulations to everyone. The next Champ show is National Terrier at Stafford on Saturday, the Judge is Mrs Viv Rainsbury the night before is Essex Top Dog where Lilly & I have qualified to compete for Essex Junior Handler of the Year. So it will be a late night and early start for us!!
Sarah, Lilly & Rosie
Hello Sarah, what a lovely photo. Everyone on the blog will be keeping everything crossed for your Junior Handler competition on Friday. Perhaps Dad will take his camera. You Victoria and Naomi are a credit to the breed, I think there should be a little report on our up and coming handlers in the breed notes of the dog press. We now have three great handlers in the breed and it is just fantastic to have all your news on Monday.
We say good morning to Victoria
We had no obedience training on Monday but we went to a companion show. We came second in handsome dog and second in junior handling. On Thursday we went to ring craft Jack was all over the place but he is getting better at turning triangles (he doesn't like going off the mats). On Saturday we dog sat Leo the puppy. Jck and Leo had a great time running about and making lots of noise. To try and wear them out we went for a walk Eed ,Rebecca and Ralphie came along. The three bedlingtons where going mad running in and out of the wheat fields.The had a great time play fighting, I think they where all exhausted afterwards. On Sunday we went to the Gravesend and Medway Towns Canine Society Open Show. Naiomi, Amanda,Barbara and Oscar where there. I was in the AVNSC Junior Class Junior handling 12-16> class and the AV Terrier Junior Class. Naomi was in the AVNSC Puppy Class and the Junior Handling 12-16 class. I came 2nd in the AVNSC reserve in Junior Handling and 1st in AV Terrier! It was my first win in an open show. Naomi came 2nd in AVNSC Puppy and 2nd in Junior Handling..Well done Oscar and Naomi!!! It was a very good day for the her and the ring craft bedlingtons.
Lots of love Victoria and Jack.
Congratulations on your very first win with Jack, you and Naomi are going to be great Bedlington Junior handlers. It would be fantastic to see a lot more young people promoting the breed, you are a credit to us .
Competiton photo 10
This is Millie amongst the spring flowers
Thanks to Sue and Liza for this cute entry.

We have another Junior handler reporter to join our Monday team, Naomi with Oscar,
Today I was at Gravesend and Medway Town Canine Society Open Show . We spent the day with Victoria, Roy, Sunnie and of course their Bedlington Jack, which was fun. Oscar and I were first in the ring, A.V.N.S.C Puppy Class and there were two dogs in the class, Oscar came 2nd. We are very happy with the result and as always very proud of Oscar. Then I took part in Junior Handling , I was looking forward to it. Victoria and I stood next to each other, we stood our dogs ready to be examined by the judge. Oscar was a bit of a pain doing the letter 'T' but we did the best we could. When she had made her choice I was placed 2nd and have also qualified for Richmond Semi-Finals. So I am pleased with myself and Oscar! Congratulation to Victoria and Jack for their placings.
Next weekend I am showing Oscar at Stafford National Terrier Championship Show, I will give you an update as soon as I get back home.
Pictures of today will hopefully be on Victoria's notes as ours didn't come out very well. (mum's not very good with the camera)
Naomi and Oscar!Congratulation Naomi for your 2nd place in the Terrier Class and for your 2nd in the handling. Wow off to Richmond, great news for you and of course the bedlington breed! Hopefully we will meet next weekend and we will all look forwrd to hearing all about Oscar at the summer shows. Thank you for joining our young reporter's team.
Spring Competition photo entry 9

This one has been sent in by mark Walshaw, I wonder if that is snow in the background?

30 March 2008

Do you see the picture of Paula's bitch she is due this weekend also a drawing of a puppy. This is Paula's work and she will donate it to the person who can say HOW MANY PUP'S / WHAT SEX / THE DATE THEY WERE BORN./SO HAVE A GO date of mating 27th Jan 2008. good luck
Paula will decide who is the winner.
I think that just might be Hefin taking this shot!
Thanks to Jan Walshaw for this photo from the National Show.
I don't like shows!
This a great photo of George and his lap top, I wonder why he decided to sit under the grooming table?
Thanks to Enid for having her camera ready to take this shot!
Reserve Best In Show at the National Bedlington show "Janmark Alannora"
Photo by Trevor Graham
Mollora Fancy Pants reserve bitch at the National Bedlington Club show
Photo by Trevor Graham
Competition spring photo 8
Piper anything yourway? Whisper the cat at 10 oclock

Competition spring photo 7
Has it stopped raining yet?
Thanks to Julie for the photos
The judge Mrs Mrs Dorothy owen with some familiar faces at the NBTC show yesterday.
Behind Mrs Owen is Dr Hefin Jones talking to Trevor Graham, next to Mrs Owen is Mrs Pam Garbutt and Jane Graham
National Bedlington Terrier Club Show
Mr & Mrs I Phillips Wins Best In Show with Rathsrigg April Rose
Please click on the link for a few photos kindly sent in by Mr Derek Owen

29 March 2008

To finish off the evening on the blog, is a very special photo sent in by Mathew of Julie with her beautiful rescue Mollie which we all shed a tear for in the earlier post.
Saturday and time to hear from our pet reporter Louise
The Kennel Club "Gold" Good Citizen dogs who passed their test at the Stratford upon Avon dog training Club.

Nothing much to report this week... I've been suffering with a bad back and Jake's not had as much exercise as he would normally, but he's been really good, I think we've almost cracked it and stopped him pulling.
Congratulations to Lesley and Parker for achieving Gold in the KC Good Citizen Dog Awards. You must be really proud Lesley - quite an achievement to have 2 dogs with a Gold award.
A question from Matthew... "What is the best time of day to feed your dogs?"
A question from me.... We're seriously considering getting another puppy, Bedlington of course, does it matter which sex we get? Jake is 10 months old now and we will be getting him neutered soon (when his 8 week training course is finished). Also, the thought has crossed our minds of getting into breeding in the future... any advice on how to get started? We wouldn't be using Jake as he was a rescue and we don't know his breeding - hence getting him neutered. Remember, if you've got any pet stories, photos or questions regarding feeding, grooming, health, training or anything else please email me at loukav@ntlworld.com. Until next week, Louise & Jake.

National Bedlington Terrier Open Show
judged by Mrs Dorothy Owen
Best In Show Rathsrigg April Rose
Reserve Best In Show: Janmark Alannora
Reserve Dog: Pengerrig Iron Duke
Reserve Bitch: Mollora fancy Pants
Best Puppy: Ruffsfurze Mavrodaphne
Congratulations to all the winners, hope you all made it home safely, not pleasant driving in these wind gusts and rain, thanks to big Mo for phoning through the results, hopefully a few photos will appear in my inbox soon. Jon will be taking photos at National Terrier next Saturday and the BTA Open Show the following weekend.
And now to cheer us up check out what Cody and Briagha have been up to in Skye

Thanks Marie super clip, as always fantastic music!
29th March in memory of Mollie
I wanted to send this to you as it would have been to the day when I found her in 2001.
Mollie was everything a bedlington should be stong willed, would love been loved wouldn't take any messing about from any other dog
I will start on that date myself and a friend were going shopping close to where I live, all of the cars stopped and then drove off and as we got to that place there was a little dog very thin very mucky and very matted with these brown eyes that melted my heart. I went over to see if it was ok to find that her leg was hurt some one had run her over and drove off. Me being a big softy put her in the back of the car and took her to my local vets to be told that she was a bedlington terrier that was going to need a lot of TLC to get her back to being a dog and that she was going to have to stay with them for a few days until she was a bit stronger. So I went home and told Ken that we were getting this dog he wasn't happy at first but I talked him round so a week later I was able to bring this little girl home they shaved her bald as she was so matted so she looked like a skinned rabbit.
For the first week she slept and ate that was it but as the time went on this little girl started to show us what she was made of, the vets thought she was nine years old and told me to give her as good a few months as he couldn't see her lasting any longer. He was so wrong this little girl became my life she went everywhere with me, loved the car we were a double act, she is also the reason why I got in contact with the rescue and wanted to be part of that which I did for over 4 years and loved it
Then 2006 two days before Christmas a day I will never forget Mollie slept in our room and about 3 am she had woken me not very well so we went downstairs but she wasn't happy so at about 6.30 I rang the vet who told me to bring her in at 8 and they would check her over. So off we went to the vet they checked and said all was ok so went home kept a close on her and went shopping ready for Xmas. With ken at home about 2 pm I got a call from ken and all he said was get home now Mollie had fallen off the chair and could not get up, land speed record was broken to get her to the vets but on the way I knew I wasn't going to be bringing her home and spent about 5 mins in the car park just kissing her as we got to the vet. She fell into a coma and there was nothing they could do she died in my arms, she was the best dog in the world Mollie was 15 years old when she died and we had her for over 6 years not bad for a dog they gave 6 months
Mollie born 1991-2006 aged 15
Julie Oxbury
What can we say Julie after reading this, there won't be a dry eye on the blog! Little Mollie had a wonderful six years with you, never to be forgotton.

I wonder what Cody and Briagha have seen?
This is spring competition photo number 6
Competition photo number 5
This is Ralphie blowing in the wind! Thanks to Ed and Becs for the photo

We had a busy Easter weekend with lots of family visiting. I was very pleased with how well the dogs coped with the noise, and how good they were with the kids. Unfortunately the weather was awful, with sleet and wind. Of course as soon as everyone left the sun came out....typical!
I've been on annual leave from work all week and so the dogs have enjoyed being out and about in the Spring sunshine. It seems that most of you got more snow than we did.
Briagha is growing up fast, and gets along so well with Cody. Her coat is turning a lovely silvery colour, as she's my first blue bedlie its a novelty to me.
Its also good to see the other puppies on the blog and how they're growing.
Marie Thanks Marie Briagha looks so pretty that she resembles a cuddly toy, I think a pyjama case!

28 March 2008

Understanding Basic Dog Genetics
The Animal Health Trust are running three seminars on April 11th, May 9th and June 8th at their headquaters in Newmarket. The speakers are Dr Vicki Adams, Sarah Blott, Catherine Mellersh and Jeff Sampson. The cost of the one day course is £50. Please email jeff.sampson@aht.org for tickets or further details. Details can also be found in this week's "Dog World" newspaper.This one day course has been designed for people who are considering breeding or interested in understanding the basic genetics behind such illnesses as Copper Toxiciosis.
Thanks to Stu for phoning through this information.

A little bit of winter fun kindly sent in by Viv Rainsbury
Click on the link
Friday and we say hello to Stu from London and the Home Counties.

Sorry there were no notes last week but we've been busy busy, even working two days over Easter which stopped me doing any of the local country fairs. Still, it saved some money for the summer camping trips. Harry is half way to being done up for the Contest of Champions Charity do at Heathrow next week and Maurice and Cilla will be stripped off tomorrow for the BTA in a couple of weeks time.
I'll be bringing a few brollies to the BTA to sell for the rescue and health groups, both golf and patio types so get there early if you want one. First come first served. That's twice in the last few years that my company has changed its name and we've benefited. It's a shame they don't throw out the company vans when they change the logo 'cos a transit would be just the job for shows. Good luck to everyone showing this weekend.
Thanks Stu, I can definitely say Stu's brollies are fantastic, if you are going to the show perhaps he will let you reserve one on the blog.
Tiffanie Update

Dear All,
Tiffanie says thank you for all your get well wishes and she says she is soooo glad to be home, she did not really enjoy being away for 5 nights.
I got the details a little mixed up before so heres the facts.Tiffanies fracture has been repaired with two bone plates, a short one on the front of the femur this sits on the bone with 4 screws. the longer plate is on the side of the bone, this plate has been curved to prevent contact with the patella, this plate is unusual as it has self locking screws (with bolty bits) and does not have to be pressed against the bone all the way down. A bone graft has been taken from her left shoulder to improve healing at the fracture site. Her knee was de-calisfied as movement had become restricted by the previous plate catching it. I also learnt that it is not uncommon for a bone to re- fracture 2-3 months after a plate has been removed.
Tiffanie was ready to be collected and teddy at 5pm on Wednesday, (only just made it to "24hrs" after surgery before home!)
As you can see she returned to her favourite spot to sun bath.
We now have a very busy physo routine. It started with ice packs we have now moved onto warm packs 3 times a day for 7-14 days with leg bending and flexing exercises continuing for 4-6 weeks.. Also 5-10 minutes on a lead in the garden to go to the toilet ! six to ten times a day! Then hydrotherapy starting in two to three weeks twice a week.... The exercises have to be done because if she does not use the muscle it could calisfy and the she'd lose her leg as it would be useless. Back at Willows on 14th April then 4 weeks.
The cost of this operation it was £2964.34p. Up to this point a "simple broken leg" not near a joint has cost £6000.00. Still to come 1st check up £112.00 2nd check up and x-rays £320.00.
Not forgetting hydrothreapy twice a week. Beware all of you who don't have insurance!
Best wishes to all with love Trudie, Tobie and Tiffanie.
This a lovely holiday snap of David with Larry and Leo, the weather looks great!

And here is another holiday snap, Brrrrrrrrrrr, Jan looks very cold, unfortunately the dogs need their morning constitution!

27 March 2008

Nose to nose!

This is aother great photo by Elaine from last weekend's N E Meet. I think the bedlington is Mac but can anyone tell us who his big friend is?
Please don't forget the spring photo competition, still only got four entries, this competition will close April 6th.
Missing Bedlington

"LOTTIE-BEDLINGTON TERRIER (BITCH). went missing fromher hew home in old headington, oxford, on 07.03.08and has not been seen since. 'lottie' is 10 years oldand was wearing a collar bearing contact details forher owners and vet when she went missing. a cashreward is offered for her safe return.
Thanks to Mathew who found this advert in the "countryman's weekly." Does anyone know if Molly has been found the bedlington who went missing in Darlington?
Fosbury the rescue bedlington

Just wanted to give an update on Fos. He had his 6 week blood test last week, for which we received the results today. His ALT levels are now normal on the dosage of Vetoryl he is taking, which of course is fantastic news.
Regards Martin and Julie
So nice to hear that Fos has returned to a lovely healthy boy, for those of you who don't know Fos he was diagnosed as having Cushings Disease after Martin and Julie rescued him.

Some brief natterings from our North East reporter Mark

Its been rather cold in the North East this week, with several days having snow showers, nothing much to get excited about though.
Sunday saw another excellent Get together in the North East, the original plan was to get anyone & everyone who owned or had an interest in Bedlington Terriers to meet up every couple of months. I think this has certainly been achieved & the popularity of the breed in the North East goes from strength to strength. The owners still seem to appreciate it & it has become an enjoyable social gathering for all. The time just flies on the day & you find that you have not got sufficient time to natter to everyone!
Me & Jan spent a few days around the Durham area on a small park, it was an excellent choice with miles of good walking just 100 yards from the site entrance. The owner of the site did not realise that he had an active fox set just 20 yards from the perimeter of his site!
It was good to see Billy & Mathew flying the flag & doing well at the local terrier working shows. When I used to participate in the working shows (between 25-30 years ago), it was unusual for any specific classes to be scheduled for bedlingtons. They were never seen as a working dog by working terrier people (probably still the same nowadays). The classes were usually Lakeland type, Border type, short legged russell, Long legged russell & any other terrier type or fell terrier, which in later times became the paterdale types. Classes could also be for smooth & broken coated dogs.In those days my preferred terrier was a lakeland type, later moving onto pedigree lakelands.
This weekend sees the National Bedlington Terrier Club Open show at Thorpe Willoughby, near Selby, judged by Dorothy Owen, hopefully we will see a few of you there? Me & Jan are making a weekend of it & having another couple of nights away in the motor home, so we will need to pack the winter woolies again. Anyway, that's enough dribble from me, good luck if you are showing this weekend & furthermore happy hunting for the forth coming championship show season!
Thank you Mark, unfortunately I won't be at the National Open Show as Parker is taking his Gold KC Good Citizen test on Saturday. They only do a gold test once or twice a year at dog club and I missed it last year as Jon was in hospital. If anyone can take a few photos of the winners at the National that would be great and good luck to all who are entered.

26 March 2008

We say hello to another new bedlington called "Ousha"
Ousha is one of Sandra and Normans Hyde's puppies who went to live on a farm.
This a photo of Ousha after going down a rabbit hole and then having her first bath !
More puppy heaven!
I can't believe these pups have not stepped in their tea!
'Q' Janmark Alannora is the sire and the mother is Janmark JAJA Jasmin. These are her pups in the photo, the litter has been bred by Sharon Hayes and there are still two bitch pups available, please contact Mark for more details.
Also Margaret Inglis in Cheltenham has a blue dog puppy now just three weeks please contact me for further details. All these pups to approved homes only.

Tiffanie, drugged up on morphine and rimadyl and I, plus (my mum she didn't want me going on my own) left our vets at 06.31am to travel to b'ham for a 9.30 appointment. Worried about getting caught in traffic, so left plenty of time. Straight through run, really easy place to get to arrived at 7.50am! Despite being "stoned" Tiffanie still managed to give all the dogs in the waiting room the once over! Booked Tiffanie in at 8.10am. Received priority treatment so in at 8.20 instead of 9.30am ( despite consultant having appointments booked at 8.30 and 9am.) Consultation took 40 minutes, plates were discussed as was amputation.Not sure when Consultant Jonathan Pink would be able to do the op, depending if he had the right plates do the operation. They don't take personal toys or blankets but I insisted she had her teddy as any good mum would!!! I kissed her goodbye and left...in tears!

5pm: having not heard a thing, I rang to discover that she was actually in surgery and "Jonathan would ring as soon as he was able to get to a phone when he'd finished"
6.19pm: Phone rang.... Tiffanie's op had gone very well, scar tissue that was preventing movement of the knee, caused by the previous plate ( that's why it had to come out last Tuesday) had been broken down, long plate on the front of her bone and small plate interlocking on the back of the bone. Jonathan said he wants her at home asap and using the leg!
We and I stress "We" have a long road ahead, about five months, to hopefully a full recovery. Update tomorrow.
Thank you all for your kind words and support
Trudie Tobie and of course Tiffanie
Fantastic news Trudie, wipe those tears away and look forward to long walks across the fields very soon!

25 March 2008

Bil & Lil
Another great photo from Elaine

This time "Blue" taken by Elaine at the North East Bedlington Meet
A new lurcher joins our blog family introducing "Foggy"

This is my lovely old lurcher, Foggy (Bedlington/whippet x coursing greyhound), I thought she might "match" the two you recently showed on the blog. She's rising ten years, and has been a delight since she came to Sevray at about 8 weeks old. She's a little rabbiting dog, just under 21", but she's hopeless as a worker - she just wants to make friends with everything and everybody. She's also registered with the KC, would you believe, on the old "Working Register", as Foggy Over Sevray, so she can legally come to shows, entered NFC. This young lady looks just like Blue and Smudge and she shares her life with Viv, Ed and the Rainsbury bedlingtons. Thanks for sending us the photo Viv

Competition photo 4
The Seaofiron gang at the Selby Game fair.
Nice photo Mathew!

Show News from Jill Collier in South East
I am sorry to say that Sarah is feeling very unwell at the moment so I am writing her report for her this week.
Sunday was the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston show. Martin was on his own, showing Lilly and Rosie. Sarah George and I stayed home. There were a few absentees; I think the weather must have put a lot of people off. The snow has finally reached our part of the country. The girls ruled the Bedlington ring as there were no dogs present for Open dog. They must have been sitting at home by the fireJ The results were,
LIMIT D or B. 1st Mollora Little Rosie (Rosie) 2nd Harrisclub Mister Moonray. (Ziggy) 3rd Jetsway Mothers Ruin for Sevray JW (Dora)
OPEN DOG. (all absent)
OPEN BITCH. 1st Miteymidgets Cruiser. (Lilly)
The Bedlington Judge was Mr Alan Small (Bethane)
Monday was the Suffolk Kennel Association show. This show wasn’t so far for us to go, so we didn’t have to leave home till 8.30 am, so the whole family were there. Sarah wasn’t feeling too good but she did a good job in the ring. Most of the snow had melted but still a few absentees. It was extremely COLD. Not the sort of day to go to an equestrian centre but there we were, FREEZING our socks off.! (strange hobby this dog show lark) Still it is always nice to meet up with the other Bedlington owners and their dogs. The results were.
POST GRADUATE. 1st Miteymidgets Matilda (Matilda) 2nd Mollora Little Rosie (Rosie) 3rd Harrisclub Flash Harry (Tazz)
OPEN. Jetsway Mothers Ruin for Sevray JW (Dora) 2nd Sevray Daisy JW (Daisy) 3rd Miteymidgets Cruiser (Lilly)
Yvonne’s Matilda was BOB and GROUP 3.
The Judge was Mr. Rodney Eastall (Daedal)
That’s all for now, from your “not so young” reporter in Essex.
Jill, Lilly & Rosie.
Thank you Jill for stepping in please give Sarah our best wishes, it is horrid to be feeling poorly, tell her to keep smiling and we will all be looking forward to hearing from her again soon
More Lurcher show news
This is a picture of Blue and Smudge's litter sister getting second in puppy bitch at Shelby game fair today didn't they both do well there were 32 bitches in this class.
Thanks kevin Daisey must one pround mum!

Mr Medallion Man!
Steve wins a medal for second place in Sue and Liza's caption competition

24 March 2008

What a terrible Easter it has been weather wise.we have been luckier than some in the Midlands with the snow not settling for very long but the biting winds have certainly stopped me from venturing very far.The dogs have not appeared bothered by shortened times outdoors and have amused themselves in the house, oh how I wish they would put their toys away when they have finished with them! It's great to see the photos of the dogs in the snow and on the beach too . I am looking forward to more competition photos. My sister-in law had one of her lurcher pups come back for a visit last week, she is well behaved and is learning quickly although my Colin is the father, she has a good attention span and has not got the stubborn bedlington nature. I just hope that she turns out a good worker for her owner. Good luck to everyone that is showing this week.
Till next week. Tina.
Thanks Tina it is lovely hear about Colin's pups, I would love to see a photo of one of the brown ones.
Phew, at last our visitors have gone home!
Cody and Briagha relax after a hectic Easter weekend!

There is no stopping Victoria and Jack!
Just to let you know, Jack and I came 2nd in the handsome dog (out of 30) and we came 2nd in Junior Handling (outof 8)...my first one! The boy that beat me has been showing snice he was 5. Lots of love Jack and a very proud Victoria
News Flash
I have just a phone call from Trudy to say the plate was recently removed from Tiffanie's leg and within hours the bone snapped leaving her once again back to square one with a broken leg. Tiffanie who is at her local vets will be travelling up to a specialist clinic ( Willows Referral Services) in Birmingham at 6 am tomorrow. This specialist clinic has state of the art surgical facilities and advanced diagnostic techniques. Trudy will phone me tomorrow night with an update, until then our thoughts are with Trudy at the worrying time.
The North East Bedlington Meet

Steve wins an award?

Fun for dogs!

Lilly and Billybob take most of the cuddles
Jake meets Jake

On Monday we went to dog training and Jake did really well. He seemed to get over the excitement of all the new dogs and concentrated well. His heel work was perfect, and he came straight back to me on the recall. There's no training this week due to Easter so we've got another week to practice.
Then on Sunday we went to the North East Bedlington Meet. It was a great morning - it was nice to put faces to names from the blog and also meet others as well. It was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere (if a little noisy at times) - and the tea and bacon butties went down a treat. The stars of the morning were the 2 lovely liver puppies - Lily and Billybob - they are even more cute in real life! Everyone played pass the puppy - it made my daughter Ellie's day to hold Lily for a few minutes. Now we just have to convince her Dad that another puppy would be a good idea!
We met Matthew's Jake as well - he was a great character, wandering around the hall introducing himself to everyone, and then choosing to sit next to anyone who had a bacon buttie! Unfortunately we didn't get many good photos - we were too caught up in the excitement of meeting everyone and all the Bedlingtons! There was a presentation and at the end and Steve was given a medal - I'm afraid we didn't hear what that was for, perhaps someone could fill us in! Thanks to everyone who organised it - and we look forward to the next one.
Remember, if you've got any pet stories, photos or questions regarding feeding, grooming, health, training or anything else please email me at loukav@ntlworld.com.Until next week, Louise & Jake

Competition photo number 3
Willow says never mind hunt the Easter eggs, it is hunt the bunny day!
Thanks to Donna and Brian for this entry
Easter Monday and I wonder what Victoria has been up to?

On Monday night Jack was quite good, we tried a recall off lead. It went well at first but halfway towards me he discovered that the chairs where much more interesting and went to do a bit of sniffing . We got him back fairly quickly and he was very well behaved afterwards. I didn't make it to ringcraft but my Dad took him along and Naomi borrowed him for some junior handling.We are meeting up with Naomi tomorrow at a companion dog show in Elham village. Next week we are at Lock Meadow Market for the Gravesend and Medway Town Canine Society. We are entered in the AV Terrier and we might be in the AVNSC class and Junior Handling. Today it has started to snow Jack went out for a small walk. Hhe enjoyed the snow until he got cold(which was quite quick because he had been clipped a few hours before!) Happy Easter to everyone and good luck to the bedlingtons that are being shown this week.
Lots of love Victoria and Jack xxx
Enjoy our day Victoria do let us know how you get on at the companion dog show


First time out and Billybob is top of the creche!

qualified for Moorgreen 2008

23 March 2008

Tina was so excited about entering a photo in our new competition she totally forgot about poor Tony's Easter Lunch which was slowly evaporating away in the kitchen. A little over done Tina! I hope the baked beans were still in the cupboard!
Billybob wins the terrier puppy class and Miss Colin the bedlington class at
photos tomorrow
Competition photo 2
"I'm telling you she'll be furious if you eat that - it was the only Daffodil that survived last nights blizzard!!"
Thanks to Elaine for this entry.