24 March 2008

Easter Monday and I wonder what Victoria has been up to?

On Monday night Jack was quite good, we tried a recall off lead. It went well at first but halfway towards me he discovered that the chairs where much more interesting and went to do a bit of sniffing . We got him back fairly quickly and he was very well behaved afterwards. I didn't make it to ringcraft but my Dad took him along and Naomi borrowed him for some junior handling.We are meeting up with Naomi tomorrow at a companion dog show in Elham village. Next week we are at Lock Meadow Market for the Gravesend and Medway Town Canine Society. We are entered in the AV Terrier and we might be in the AVNSC class and Junior Handling. Today it has started to snow Jack went out for a small walk. Hhe enjoyed the snow until he got cold(which was quite quick because he had been clipped a few hours before!) Happy Easter to everyone and good luck to the bedlingtons that are being shown this week.
Lots of love Victoria and Jack xxx
Enjoy our day Victoria do let us know how you get on at the companion dog show


Tina W said...

You're definately a busy girl two classes a week and shows too!

big mo said...

Good luck at the show's you are learning so much.

Donna said...

good luck at the show its being snowing on and off all day here

dawn de bussey bedlingtons said...

good look at showes ,and happy easter victoria