28 March 2008

Friday and we say hello to Stu from London and the Home Counties.

Sorry there were no notes last week but we've been busy busy, even working two days over Easter which stopped me doing any of the local country fairs. Still, it saved some money for the summer camping trips. Harry is half way to being done up for the Contest of Champions Charity do at Heathrow next week and Maurice and Cilla will be stripped off tomorrow for the BTA in a couple of weeks time.
I'll be bringing a few brollies to the BTA to sell for the rescue and health groups, both golf and patio types so get there early if you want one. First come first served. That's twice in the last few years that my company has changed its name and we've benefited. It's a shame they don't throw out the company vans when they change the logo 'cos a transit would be just the job for shows. Good luck to everyone showing this weekend.
Thanks Stu, I can definitely say Stu's brollies are fantastic, if you are going to the show perhaps he will let you reserve one on the blog.


Marie said...

Harry looks fantastic!

I've been trying to groom one of his daughters today, but she is being a wee madam. Send Harry up to sort her out will you Stu?

matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

you cannot be trying hard enough!!

Marie said...

Oh, sorry sir.
Shall I write 100 lines of 'must try harder?'

stu said...

I've found that blatant bribery works every time with puppies. It's sometimes a two person job, with one person distracting the pup with something really stinky while the other attacks from another direction. They soon get the message that grooming can be pleasurable and settle down to it.
I won't send H. up to you 'cos the little bu66er will only encourage her to misbehave.
There, now I've gone all P.C. "Two person" my ar5e!!

big mo said...

I have a brolly thank;s bought it at the Midland.

Tina W said...

Stu the Snob!!! LOL

e.tuck said...

stick with it Marie - we learnt the hard way with Mac - he hates being groomed - and still curls his lip when I pick up the slcker!!! We are having more success with Lily, long may it reign!

Marie said...

I persevered today Elaine, and managed to get her ears and tail clippered. Her body is no problem, but when you go near her face with the clipper she hates it and jumps away. I'll get there though:-)

matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

marie, turn the clippers on.
don't attempt to cut its head, bu rub the side of the vibrating clippers over the dogs head.
this way it will get used to the feel of the clippers on its head .
thats what the pup doesn't like!, the feel of the clippers vibrating on its head.

hope this helps.


Marie said...

Cheers matthew, I'll try that next time.

billy said...

marie.you could ask Morph