30 March 2008

I don't like shows!
This a great photo of George and his lap top, I wonder why he decided to sit under the grooming table?
Thanks to Enid for having her camera ready to take this shot!


Paula o'L said...

Finn said,

Hya George, who you hiding from????

matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

must be looking at something he shouldn't be.

big mo said...

Let's hope the dog is not taken short,

Martin said...

From the surrounding evidence I'd say he just snaffled a mini roll and didn't want to share it with Sarah!

Jill said...

George said
Hi Finn.

I was not hiding i just
had nowhere to sit.

And Matthew i was actualy
killing dinosaurs.

Paula o'L said...

Finn said are you 'pro' yet and can you kill t-rex yet???????????? must remember to email next time !!!