29 March 2008

Saturday and time to hear from our pet reporter Louise
The Kennel Club "Gold" Good Citizen dogs who passed their test at the Stratford upon Avon dog training Club.

Nothing much to report this week... I've been suffering with a bad back and Jake's not had as much exercise as he would normally, but he's been really good, I think we've almost cracked it and stopped him pulling.
Congratulations to Lesley and Parker for achieving Gold in the KC Good Citizen Dog Awards. You must be really proud Lesley - quite an achievement to have 2 dogs with a Gold award.
A question from Matthew... "What is the best time of day to feed your dogs?"
A question from me.... We're seriously considering getting another puppy, Bedlington of course, does it matter which sex we get? Jake is 10 months old now and we will be getting him neutered soon (when his 8 week training course is finished). Also, the thought has crossed our minds of getting into breeding in the future... any advice on how to get started? We wouldn't be using Jake as he was a rescue and we don't know his breeding - hence getting him neutered. Remember, if you've got any pet stories, photos or questions regarding feeding, grooming, health, training or anything else please email me at loukav@ntlworld.com. Until next week, Louise & Jake.


matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

well done lesley.

louise, how have you cured his pulling??


Tina W said...

Congratulations Lesley and Parker!

Louise said...

Matthew - don't know if you've ever watched Dog Borstal? One of the dog trainers on there is Mic Martin - and we've used his method of having a loop in the lead - if the dog pulls you let go of the loop in the lead and quickly turn round and walk in the opposite direction. At first you just walk up and down the same bit of road, getting nowhere fast, but it soon gets better.
In the past we've been a bit lax and let Jake pull a bit, especially when he's excited on the start of the walk. But after a week of using Mic's method, and not allowing any pulling, he's much better.

Marie said...

Louise, I'd get a bitch puppy as I just think a dog and a bitch get along better together than two dogs. Look at Cody and Briagha!

Also if you're thinking of breeding do you want a litter or do you want to have a stud dog? I'll let the others advise re. getting started on breeding as I have no knowledge of that side.

Louise said...

Thanks Marie - we are thinking of getting a boy so we can use him as a stud dog later, just a little concerned whether there would be problems with having 2 boys. Will give it more thought.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

congratulations Lesley!!

ed and rebecca said...

Well done Lesley and Parker!