27 March 2008

Missing Bedlington

"LOTTIE-BEDLINGTON TERRIER (BITCH). went missing fromher hew home in old headington, oxford, on 07.03.08and has not been seen since. 'lottie' is 10 years oldand was wearing a collar bearing contact details forher owners and vet when she went missing. a cashreward is offered for her safe return.
Thanks to Mathew who found this advert in the "countryman's weekly." Does anyone know if Molly has been found the bedlington who went missing in Darlington?


matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

anybody with any info, please contact DOGLOST.CO.UK or phone jayne on 01633 816420.

Tina W said...

OH dear hope she's found safe and well soon.It's been so cold lately .