26 March 2008

More puppy heaven!
I can't believe these pups have not stepped in their tea!
'Q' Janmark Alannora is the sire and the mother is Janmark JAJA Jasmin. These are her pups in the photo, the litter has been bred by Sharon Hayes and there are still two bitch pups available, please contact Mark for more details.
Also Margaret Inglis in Cheltenham has a blue dog puppy now just three weeks please contact me for further details. All these pups to approved homes only.


big mo said...

Gosh your teaching these pups young about ratting. can they read?

Tina W said...

What are you talking about?? I can't believe they're not going crazy and devouring the food-what are they eating by the way?

big mo said...

I am talking about the year of the RAT on the newspaper. is it scrambled egg?