24 March 2008

The North East Bedlington Meet

Steve wins an award?

Fun for dogs!

Lilly and Billybob take most of the cuddles
Jake meets Jake

On Monday we went to dog training and Jake did really well. He seemed to get over the excitement of all the new dogs and concentrated well. His heel work was perfect, and he came straight back to me on the recall. There's no training this week due to Easter so we've got another week to practice.
Then on Sunday we went to the North East Bedlington Meet. It was a great morning - it was nice to put faces to names from the blog and also meet others as well. It was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere (if a little noisy at times) - and the tea and bacon butties went down a treat. The stars of the morning were the 2 lovely liver puppies - Lily and Billybob - they are even more cute in real life! Everyone played pass the puppy - it made my daughter Ellie's day to hold Lily for a few minutes. Now we just have to convince her Dad that another puppy would be a good idea!
We met Matthew's Jake as well - he was a great character, wandering around the hall introducing himself to everyone, and then choosing to sit next to anyone who had a bacon buttie! Unfortunately we didn't get many good photos - we were too caught up in the excitement of meeting everyone and all the Bedlingtons! There was a presentation and at the end and Steve was given a medal - I'm afraid we didn't hear what that was for, perhaps someone could fill us in! Thanks to everyone who organised it - and we look forward to the next one.
Remember, if you've got any pet stories, photos or questions regarding feeding, grooming, health, training or anything else please email me at loukav@ntlworld.com.Until next week, Louise & Jake


big mo said...

Well you certainly all had a great time well done to those who organize it

dawn de bussey bedlingtons said...

hi moe ,we had a great day, and a lot more new faces,alot of new little ones blues and livers ,was good to see them,the day just flew over,every one had a great time with lots of banter and lots of barking lol, i would like to thank everyone that helped on sunday big thank you to sharon and jan in kitchen ,also annmarie,stev on the door, and doing the raffel,mark on the table, billy and me on the grooming,sue and liza for looking after benson and toffo for me cheers girls,thanks with out your help we could not do the meet. STEVE got hes prize of sue and liza, i had to present him with it ,it was the most bigest medalion you have seen loads of fun over that, so in all we are growing in numbers fast, see you all next month dawn

Sue & Liza said...

We thought that Steve's entry in the caption competition deserved a booby prize so we awarded him a "Medallion Man" gold medallion to wear over his hairy chest (not that we know he's got one, but if he hasn't he could always get a chest wig!).
I had wanted to get him a Borat 'mankini', but Liza said that was a step too far - and thinking about it, I don't reckon many of us would be quite ready for the sight of Steve in a mankini!
(We love you really Steve LOL x)

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Steve in a mankini, now that would be one way to empty the hall!

Think the medallion suits him! LOL

Sarah and Tony said...

we enjoyed meeting up with everyone, the morning definately went quickly. Thanks Mark for your help with Ed, We've ordered the tooth cleaner-thing from the website that you recommended.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

No problem, thats what the get together is all about.
Now you have just got to use the descaler!
Suggest you do a bit each day!

Tina W said...

Nice to hear that you all enjoyed your time together-great that it's still growing in popularity.

e.tuck said...

Hi Louise - nice to meet you and your family and little Jake yesterday. Have sent lesley a couple more photo's - there was so many people there and so much going on did'nt have time to do much happy snapping.

Thanks to Dawn, Mark, for an enjoyable morning and for all your tips an beddie advice.
Elaine & Ern

big mo said...

can we see a snap of Steve with his medal please.

billy said...

did anyone hand a little liver bedlington into lost property
answers to the name of billy bob.

i think i had him all of the two mins it took to walk into the place

e.tuck said...

I'll send a medal picture to lesley Mo