25 March 2008

Show News from Jill Collier in South East
I am sorry to say that Sarah is feeling very unwell at the moment so I am writing her report for her this week.
Sunday was the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston show. Martin was on his own, showing Lilly and Rosie. Sarah George and I stayed home. There were a few absentees; I think the weather must have put a lot of people off. The snow has finally reached our part of the country. The girls ruled the Bedlington ring as there were no dogs present for Open dog. They must have been sitting at home by the fireJ The results were,
LIMIT D or B. 1st Mollora Little Rosie (Rosie) 2nd Harrisclub Mister Moonray. (Ziggy) 3rd Jetsway Mothers Ruin for Sevray JW (Dora)
OPEN DOG. (all absent)
OPEN BITCH. 1st Miteymidgets Cruiser. (Lilly)
The Bedlington Judge was Mr Alan Small (Bethane)
Monday was the Suffolk Kennel Association show. This show wasn’t so far for us to go, so we didn’t have to leave home till 8.30 am, so the whole family were there. Sarah wasn’t feeling too good but she did a good job in the ring. Most of the snow had melted but still a few absentees. It was extremely COLD. Not the sort of day to go to an equestrian centre but there we were, FREEZING our socks off.! (strange hobby this dog show lark) Still it is always nice to meet up with the other Bedlington owners and their dogs. The results were.
POST GRADUATE. 1st Miteymidgets Matilda (Matilda) 2nd Mollora Little Rosie (Rosie) 3rd Harrisclub Flash Harry (Tazz)
OPEN. Jetsway Mothers Ruin for Sevray JW (Dora) 2nd Sevray Daisy JW (Daisy) 3rd Miteymidgets Cruiser (Lilly)
Yvonne’s Matilda was BOB and GROUP 3.
The Judge was Mr. Rodney Eastall (Daedal)
That’s all for now, from your “not so young” reporter in Essex.
Jill, Lilly & Rosie.
Thank you Jill for stepping in please give Sarah our best wishes, it is horrid to be feeling poorly, tell her to keep smiling and we will all be looking forward to hearing from her again soon


matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

well done all show winners this easter.
hope sarah is feeling better this morning.
and i think i would have been freezing a bit more than my socks off!!!

Tina W said...

Well done to all winners-hope Sarah is soon feeling better.

gwen said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Sarah.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

hope your feeling better soon Sarah, its about time the oldies had to do a bit of work!
hope your dad did not miss the football!

julie o said...

well done both mum and dad love whisper
piper says well done dad