27 March 2008

Some brief natterings from our North East reporter Mark

Its been rather cold in the North East this week, with several days having snow showers, nothing much to get excited about though.
Sunday saw another excellent Get together in the North East, the original plan was to get anyone & everyone who owned or had an interest in Bedlington Terriers to meet up every couple of months. I think this has certainly been achieved & the popularity of the breed in the North East goes from strength to strength. The owners still seem to appreciate it & it has become an enjoyable social gathering for all. The time just flies on the day & you find that you have not got sufficient time to natter to everyone!
Me & Jan spent a few days around the Durham area on a small park, it was an excellent choice with miles of good walking just 100 yards from the site entrance. The owner of the site did not realise that he had an active fox set just 20 yards from the perimeter of his site!
It was good to see Billy & Mathew flying the flag & doing well at the local terrier working shows. When I used to participate in the working shows (between 25-30 years ago), it was unusual for any specific classes to be scheduled for bedlingtons. They were never seen as a working dog by working terrier people (probably still the same nowadays). The classes were usually Lakeland type, Border type, short legged russell, Long legged russell & any other terrier type or fell terrier, which in later times became the paterdale types. Classes could also be for smooth & broken coated dogs.In those days my preferred terrier was a lakeland type, later moving onto pedigree lakelands.
This weekend sees the National Bedlington Terrier Club Open show at Thorpe Willoughby, near Selby, judged by Dorothy Owen, hopefully we will see a few of you there? Me & Jan are making a weekend of it & having another couple of nights away in the motor home, so we will need to pack the winter woolies again. Anyway, that's enough dribble from me, good luck if you are showing this weekend & furthermore happy hunting for the forth coming championship show season!
Thank you Mark, unfortunately I won't be at the National Open Show as Parker is taking his Gold KC Good Citizen test on Saturday. They only do a gold test once or twice a year at dog club and I missed it last year as Jon was in hospital. If anyone can take a few photos of the winners at the National that would be great and good luck to all who are entered.


Sue & Liza said...

Wow, going for gold - that's brilliant! Good luck to Lesley & Parker on Saturday x

ed and rebecca said...

Good luck Lesley and Parker. We're in training for the gold but it might be a while before we have a test.

matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

ringcraft, mark???


big mo said...

Good luck Parker and Lesley I am sure you will give it your best.

Mark how old were you when you showed as a boy?

matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

he must have been about 10???


Tina W said...

Good luck for going for GOLD.

gwen said...

Good luck Lesley & Parker.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Maureen, I started entering the terrier shows when I was 15, so that was nearly 32 years ago. Used to go with a mate & a another mates dad. The majority of venues that are still been used today used to be the favourites. One that I dont think is used nowadays was the 'Eastwoods' Ranch house near Seamer, Stokesley, that was a regular. Started off with one of my dads terriers, then progressed to owning my own. By the time I was 17 owned 3 terriers & a whippet. The terriers were 2lakeland types, a whippet / jack russell (excellent on rabbits) & a whippet.
The whippet was exceptional at racing, unfortunately on our way to Invergordon in the Highlands of Scotland, for the Whippet Racing World Championships, she damaged her leg, whilst chasing a rabbit (hit a barbed wire fence). So that was the end to that!