16 March 2008

Sunday and and it is Pet and question day and we hear from our reporter Louise. I am sorry it is late on the blog but I have been out all day

Hi Bloggers,
Louise here with the pet report... On Monday we went to obedience training, Jake did quite well considering it was the first week. I think the home-made liver cake helped him to concentrate - it was the first time I've made it and boy did it stink! Talking of smelly treats, I'm sure Jake would like to thank Patricia for recommending the fish4dogs website - I ordered him some fish jerky and he goes mad over it. We're looking forward to next week's North East meet... it'll be nice to put a few faces to names.
The lovely photo is of Sue & Liza's Millie, a soggy doggy in the car after rain stopped play on a recent walk.
Onto the questions....
1. A question from Sue & Liza.... our Millie really isn’t that interested in her food. We give her a dried complete food with a bit of soft meaty food mixed in, and have tried all different makes and flavours without much success. We would love to see her tuck into her food with real enjoyment, but 9 times out of 10 she sniffs it and walks away – or shows far more interest in the cats’ food, which we stop her getting to. We’ve started taking a pocketful of her dried food out on walks, and give her some as a treat when she comes back when called etc. She wolfs it down under those circumstances, which must prove she likes the taste, so why not eat it at home? She’s not skinny, so she must be getting what she needs out of what little she seems to eat, but it does worry us that she might not be getting all the nutrients she needs. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
2. Do any new owners have problem with there pups ears, if they do perhaps we can help.
3. Is it OK to play tug-of-war games with our dogs? For next week's dog training we've been asked to bring a tug toy with us - I'm not sure about this as I've always been advised not to play rough games or tug-of war, as it encourages aggression.
Bloggers it's over to you... Remember, if you've got any pet stories, photos or questions regarding feeding, grooming, health, training or anything else please email me at loukav@ntlworld.com. Until next week, Louise & Jake
Thank you Louise we all look forward for to your pet report and questions. Perhaps you could interview a pet owner for us at the Meet next week!


matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

liza and sue, put millies food down on the floor, give her 10 mins, then take it away from her until tea time.
she may be leaving it because she knows she can get better (the cats).
give her her food again at tea time, if she doesn't want it, remove it again.
do this for days until she realises that she eats when you tell her to eat, she won't starve herself.
it may also be a good idea to do the same with the cats food, that way she won't be tempted to leave her own food and eat the cats, as the cats food won't be there to eat!!
therefore she will have to settle for her own food.
hope this helps.

as for pups ears KEEP CLEANING THEM OUT.

and tug toys are a no no with us with pups.
people say it can pull the teeth out of alingnment, as they are only soft???

see you both sunday.

Tricia said...

I agree with Matthew on the food issue. My cat food is kept on the "cat counter" in the kitchen, otherwise the cat would stave and the dogs would be HUGE. Pick the food up after 10 minutes & try again at the next feeding time. They eventually learn to eat when they're fed & what they're fed.

On the tug-of-war. I have always played this with my dogs, and pups, BUT they NEVER are ALLOWED to win. We tug a bit, I make them "drop", then "sit", I throw the tug, they go get it, we tug a little, then I repeat....they have alot of fun & learn, "drop, "sit" , "take it" (when I throw it )I make them "wait" when I throw it. I never allow rough aggressive tugging. I ALWAYS end the game.

roy said...

matt totally agree on the feeding but at jacks obedience class we take a toy to encourage the dog leave the toy on command

Nina said...

In our home, the dogs only get one chance to eat. If they do not eat the next 10 minutes, I remove the dishes. Simply because I see a "trend": After being fed with goodies, they do not want the dried food. Ok with me; they have enough clean water and the apetite is ok again the next day ;0)

Tug-of-war is one of the games we play. With Ken, who is a quiet and calm dog, I used it to encourage him. By making him win now and then, I made him more secure and wanting to take things up. I had to, because he is a "light" obedience dog.
But I never remove the tug before I have something to change the tug with. A goodie or another toy.
All our dogs, including the Bullie gives their tug away. Nothing aggressive at all.
Good luck!!

Madeline said...

Thandi is very much the same - always loves, and asks for, the dried food when given as a treat on a walk, but can take it or leave it at other times. I have never yet found the food she consistently enjoys - she also will sniff and walk away from something she relished the day before. Is it a Bedlington thing?!I no longer worry - she has a varied diet and eats well overall. I find she eats with more enthusiasm when there is competition from another dog.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

It would be good if you could do the report on the get together on Sunday?
Do you have a camera?

Wheres todays photos from the show?

You need a bit of competition in the house, time to get a new pup!

I dont do tuggers, never have done.

Louise said...

That's a good idea - I was planning on bringing my camera anyway, so I'll do a report on the meet.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Thats good news, one less job for me to do.

I must remember to order a bacon buttie from Jan!

Tina W said...

My pup has had a really waxy ear from around 7 weeks old.I have had to clean it daily for about 6 weeks but thankfully it's clearing up,the vet had a look and said it wasn't infected and just to keep cleaning-do you think it can be associated with teething?

Tina W said...

It could also be that she's getting enough treats through the day to take the edge off her appetite,you could try a couple of days with no treats or the smallest crumb as a treat and see if that helps .I had a dog that wasn't a good eater until he was almost 3 years old and had matured then suddenly he ate whatever I gave him,but I do think their are a lot of finicky bedlingtons so it may be the breed or at least in the blood lines.

Lesley R Caines said...

Billy has sent the photos but I don't have the results!

Sarah and Tony said...

Ossie has always been very interested in his food, to the point of getting excited with barking and stamping his front paws as we prepare - we have had to train him to wait quietly.

Ed is thinner and eats about half the speed of Ossie, We always feed Ed in his crate, to ensure that Ossie doesn't try and eat Ed's. Sometimes he would just leave a meal, but then eat well the next day. We miss out any treats if he doesn't eat He hasn't done that for a while, and since he turned 2 has been more consistent with his food.

We are looking forward to meeting up next weekend

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

1st Wharton Smiths. Miteymidgets Shooting Star. BOB & Group 3.
2nd Busseys. Janmark Tiganello avec Debussey.
3rd Wharton Smiths. Miteymidgets Sherman Tank.

only 3 dogs present.

Sue & Liza said...

Thanks for the advice everyone. We've started the new regime this morning. Millie waited for the cats to finish their food, I took their dishes away to make sure she didn't get any scraps, she sniffed her own food and walked away in disgust as usual. I left it for 10 minutes, called her back to it once more but she refused again so I took it away. I'll confine treats to just a few bits of dried food while we're out walking, and hopefully she'll have an appetite tonight. Or tomorrow if not!

Madeline said...

Good luck with the new regime, Sue and Liza. I think dogs are like children in that if they are hungry enough, they'll eat! So when the children are staying, I don't worry unduly if they don't want to eat either. What a bad child and dog carer I am!

e.tuck said...

Sue & Liza - Mark's right - another pup will cure her!!!!!!


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Lisa / Sue,
Ive just been reminded that Millie was a fussy eater when she was a pup.
At some meal times she would not eat, or if she did eat, the smallest of amounts. She never had a huge appetite, some dogs dont.
As long as she is fit & healthy dont let it concern you.
When I had the lakelands, I only used to feed them on 6 days of the week.

Sue & Liza said...

Thanks for that Mark. Millie did tuck into her tea quite well today and ate almost all of it, so we'll carry on with the new rules and won't worry any more!

big mo said...

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