21 March 2008

This is Derek Lewis outside the pub on a recent visit to Bedlington


Sue & Liza said...

Hello Derek!

big mo said...

Hello Derek hows your dogs nice flowers.

kevin said...

tie the dogs up out side man ,and get in there for a nice cold beer MAN.dont wast time taking pictures.

matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

sue, hows the dog training coming on?
are you going to meet on sunday??


Sue & Liza said...

Hi Matthew, yep we'll definitely be there on Sunday - but we have to leave Millie at home unfortunately as she came into season on Monday! Poor little thing doesn't know what's hit her, she's really out of sorts. Hopefully she'll pick up soon.
She's eating better now though - followed your advice and took her food away after 10 minutes, gave her fewer training treats through the day, and hey presto she tucks into her food pretty well these days!
See you tomorrow.