28 March 2008

Tiffanie Update

Dear All,
Tiffanie says thank you for all your get well wishes and she says she is soooo glad to be home, she did not really enjoy being away for 5 nights.
I got the details a little mixed up before so heres the facts.Tiffanies fracture has been repaired with two bone plates, a short one on the front of the femur this sits on the bone with 4 screws. the longer plate is on the side of the bone, this plate has been curved to prevent contact with the patella, this plate is unusual as it has self locking screws (with bolty bits) and does not have to be pressed against the bone all the way down. A bone graft has been taken from her left shoulder to improve healing at the fracture site. Her knee was de-calisfied as movement had become restricted by the previous plate catching it. I also learnt that it is not uncommon for a bone to re- fracture 2-3 months after a plate has been removed.
Tiffanie was ready to be collected and teddy at 5pm on Wednesday, (only just made it to "24hrs" after surgery before home!)
As you can see she returned to her favourite spot to sun bath.
We now have a very busy physo routine. It started with ice packs we have now moved onto warm packs 3 times a day for 7-14 days with leg bending and flexing exercises continuing for 4-6 weeks.. Also 5-10 minutes on a lead in the garden to go to the toilet ! six to ten times a day! Then hydrotherapy starting in two to three weeks twice a week.... The exercises have to be done because if she does not use the muscle it could calisfy and the she'd lose her leg as it would be useless. Back at Willows on 14th April then 4 weeks.
The cost of this operation it was £2964.34p. Up to this point a "simple broken leg" not near a joint has cost £6000.00. Still to come 1st check up £112.00 2nd check up and x-rays £320.00.
Not forgetting hydrothreapy twice a week. Beware all of you who don't have insurance!
Best wishes to all with love Trudie, Tobie and Tiffanie.


Marie said...

Aww bless her.
Lets hope she makes a full recovery.

Lesley R Caines said...

So pleased that Tiffanie is home, lots of TLC and and check ups ahead but the out come sounds very positive! How lucky she is insured, what company are you with? Vet fees like these would be beyond what most folk could afford.

Big kiss to Tiffanie and Tobie

stu said...

You'll have to be careful at the hydrotherapy pool, all that metal in her leg could sink her!!
Seriously, it's good to hear that things are going well and we look forward to seeing you all soon.
Love and best wishes from all at Lowbrook.

Scotish-Davie said...

Think you both have some hard work ahead of you to get her fighting fit again. But thats some good positive news about her recovery prospects.

Lorraine said...

Best wishes to Tiffanie from Willow!

Poor Tiffanie is the only Bedlington that I have seen that has been shaved as extensively as Willow was for her surgery. They could start their own "Baldie Bedlies" Club!

I do hope that Tiffanie responds well to the treatment this time and returns to full fitness in time. Please do let us know how she goes on?


big mo said...

well she looks quite happy in herself she will surprise you I am sure , determind little girl, good luck.

big mo said...

They say the bedlington has heart of a lion Tiffanie looks like one

Tina W said...

Hope this works-sounds positive-she loks as though she's been in the wars,which she has bless her,I know it's a lot of work over the coming weeks/months but it'll be worth it.

patricia said...

keep going tiff you look gorgeous

patricia said...

dear old tiffany, good luck, hope you get better really soon.