18 March 2008

Tuesday and it is TINA TIME

I have had an email from a lady called Dora that lives in the Midlands who has a rescue beddie called Lucy. She has had her for 3 months and she came from Dogs Trust centre at Roden. She is Dora's 5th rescue bedlington over the years and has settled in very well and although they all have had different personalities they have been very easy to love. She is around 5 years old and very cheeky and even "smiles" a welcome to all who meet her! Lucy is well behaved and comes back to Dora when called, she loves company and a ride in the car too. Doras daughter has a 12 week old rottweiller puppy who's mother was aggressive towards her puppies resulting in the pup being afraid of adult dogs, it is apparent that Lucy has had a few litters in her time and straight away took to the puppy(all 10 kilos) and soon gave it confidence to play and in no time the pair were gambolling together in the garden. It is lovely to hear of successful rehomings, thank you Dora for your story .Happy Easter to everyone and looking forward to some Easter Bonnets being on parade!!
Till next week. Tina
Thank you Tina, It is is no nice to hear that Lucy is a real family member and happy. It just amazes me how a lovely dog like Lucy ends up in a rescue kennels. Remember if you live in the Midlands and have a story to tell write to out reporter Tina at kcwelsh@msn.com


big mo said...

That's a lovely story and a big welcome to Lucy and her mum.

Tricia said...

I am so happy to hear that Lucy is doing so well. Good to hear that she has found a forever home & has a job a puppy educator.

big mo said...

Tina it is good you now have some help in the midlands keep it up Lucy Tina need's you.