19 March 2008

The twins, the top photo is Kevin's Smudge and the second photo is Mathew's Blue!


matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

blue says: hello smudge, long time no see.

big mo said...

hello you lurchers, strong looking dogs, they make great pets, my first dog was a lurcher and I loved him to bit's.

billy said...

smudge looks great there kevin,what do you think he will top out at?

matthew - seaofiron bedlingtons said...

thats what blue looked like this morning, after his 2 hour walk back from the stables.
and thats not to mention what the bedlingtons looked like!
wet through, is the phrase i'm looking for!!!


kevin said...

hi billy .. i hope he makes 24" or more he has good bone more deerhound than bedlington to look at and a strong punishing head.just hope he's as fast as his mum

billy said...

i was thinking he would go to 26" or even a bit more,but then the beddy might be keeping him down,
i like to see them in full tilt,i had a greyhound and the first time i let it off the lead i can remember thinking "what the hell is it doing all the way over there allready DOHHH!!! "
It eventually came back